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Browsing for off-campus housing

When it comes to finding your new—albeit temporary—home, there are dozens of factors to consider. Location is crucial—how long is the walk to campus? Is there a nearby metro station? Access to grocery stores, or attractions and diversions? Do you want something more upscale, or do you want to keep your costs low? Beyond the… Keep Reading

Student of the Week: Karen Chow

The last documentary Karen Chow watched was on Soong May-ling, “China’s eternal first lady,” the wife of mid-early twentieth century Chinese political and military leader Chiang Kai-shek. “At the time it was rare for women to be that powerful or that confident,” Chow explained. “She had a lot of influence on politics in China. It… Keep Reading

International Women’s Day: facts & figures

This past Saturday marked the 103rd annual International Women’s Day (IWD). On March 8, people across the globe celebrated women and recognized the steps taken on the path toward gender equality. At McGill, women have come a long way in the last century. The first female students were admitted in 1884, 41 years after the… Keep Reading

Mind-blowing baking with Betty, Duncan, and Mr. Christie

Triple threat brownies A classic dessert combining Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies to make a glutinous trifecta. Ingredients: 1 box brownie mix 1 roll cookie dough 1 box Oreos 2 eggs ¼ cup water ¾ cup oil 1 handful chocolate chips     Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 375 oF. 2. Grease a baking… Keep Reading


Sloths hold untapped resource for novel antibodies

Hanging from the canopy of trees in Soberania National Park, Panama, the coat of the world’s slowest mammal may become the medical community’s newest “bioprospect.” Fungi isolated from the hair of the Bradypus variegatus Three-toed sloths have been found to have anti-parasitic, anti-cancer, and anti-bacterial activity by a study published this past January in PloS… Keep Reading

Unleash your quiche

This classic French dish is savoury and sophisticated, but also simple and student-friendly. Not only is it acceptable to eat for any meal; it’s also a great way to use up whatever is left in your fridge. Baking a flaky pastry crust has never been so easy. Ingredients Crust: 1 cup flour 1/2 tsp salt… Keep Reading


A celebration of art and friendship

As art made its way into the hands of proud new owners, members of the McGill community dropped cash for a worthy cause at McGill Students for Best Buddies’ third-annual art auction on Jan. 25. Best Buddies is an international non-profit organization that promotes the inclusiveness of communities to people with intellectual disabilities. They are… Keep Reading

Gone fishing

What I expected to be a boring afternoon, freezing in a claustrophobic hut, turned out to be an anomalous but pleasant way to spend four hours on a Sunday. The possibility of going ice fishing first came to my attention when I stumbled upon the organization Pêche Blanche, located in the Old Port. The notion… Keep Reading

Student of the Week: Daniel Binette

If you’ve ever wondered why someone would sacrifice their Saturday night to give strangers a free ride home, ask U3 Arts student Daniel Binette. Binette is Vice-President Operations of DriveSafe, a student organization that provides free rides for students on Friday and Saturday nights. As long as their three to four rented vans aren’t too… Keep Reading

Despite cold weather Defrosh provides warm welcome to new students

The back-to-school event line up is packed, from the organized ski trip Snow Jam to Carnival, Management’s weeklong fundraiser. Now add Defrosh this coming weekend—hosted by Power to Change, Newman Students’ Society, McGill Christian Fellowship, and Initiative 22—to the list. The weekend-long event presents new McGill students with the chance to get to know new… Keep Reading

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