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The digital detox: Taking a break from the online world

Emails, Facebook, Snapchat, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, and repeat. Digital content is never more than a swipe or click away; it has a pervasive presence casting a shadow on users’ everyday lives—and at times, the online world can prove difficult to escape. While technology can help to foster creativity and aid with time management, it also… Keep Reading

Good Mood Food: 3 recipes with mood-boosting properties

With second semester already in full swing, gloomily shortened winter days, and the 45th President of the United States’ rocky first week in office, McGill students currently face countless reasons to feel down. One solution to this can be found in the diet; studies have shown a strong correlation between the foods one consumes and… Keep Reading

Murals of Montreal: Jason Botkin’s sidewalk art

“Look up!” is an oft-repeated phrase in today’s society. Whether it’s as an incentive to look up from mobile phones or simply to pay more attention to one’s surroundings, the phrase is echoed countless times in day-to-day life. But in order to enjoy Jason Botkin’s sidewalk art, it’s not up that one must look, but… Keep Reading

Murals of Montreal: ‘Martine,’ by Philippe Mastrocola

Anyone who has spent enough time in Montreal—especially strolling through the peaceful tree-lined streets of the Plateau Mont-Royal, or past the busy storefronts on Blvd. St-Laurent—is bound to have seen their fair share of murals. Murals are so abundant in Montreal that after living in the city for some time, they may even fade into… Keep Reading

Tuition raised for French students, but enrolment remains stable

Despite almost tripling tuition fees for French citizens studying in Quebec since Fall 2015, the provincial government has not seen a significant impact on the number of prospective students from France. McGill University’s enrolment report for Fall 2015 shows that, compared to Fall 2014, 127 more French citizens enrolled in either a full-time or part-time… Keep Reading

Measuring McGill: The facts and flaws behind international university rankings

Renowned authorities such as the Times Higher Education (THE) and the Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR) have attributed many different rankings to McGill in the past year. With such an onslaught of conflicting figures—sixty-fourth, forty-second, thirty-eighth, thirty-fifth, twenty-fourth—McGill’s position as a leading academic institution is becoming more and more difficult to ascertain, particularly if… Keep Reading

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