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About Abortions: Why Canada still needs to talk about it

“Honestly when you called me I said, ‘Why, you know, why write about abortion, why write about it in Quebec?’” said France Desilets, director of Montreal’s Morgentaler Clinic. “We don’t want to focus on it, in the sense that access has been achieved in reproductive choices, but we still need to talk about it. I… Keep Reading

Draft Policy against Sexual Violence discussed at McGill Senate

On Oct. 19, McGill Senate convened to discuss the proposed Draft Policy against Sexual Violence as well as the relocation of the McGill bookstore, Le James. In addition, the Senate Committee on Physical Development offered their Annual Report. Draft Policy against Sexual Violence The Draft Policy against Sexual Violence was first released by the university… Keep Reading

Social psychology disproves common terrorist labels

Following the recent terror attacks in Lahore and Brussels, terrorist threats seem stronger than ever. According to the most recent Global Terrorism Index, terror-related deaths have surged from 3,329 in 2000 to 32,685 in 2014. The increasing presence of terrorism has resulted in a greater desire to learn why terrorists do what they do. “There’s… Keep Reading

Why do people like Donald Trump?

Donald Trump has dominated the 2016 US presidential campaign thus far. He has been making headlines ever since the announcement of his presidential campaign almost a year ago in June 2015. According to the most recent national polling averages out of FiveThirtyEight, Trump is leading the Republican nomination race at 39.1 per cent (beating his… Keep Reading

Minds and Matters EP. 2: Donald Trump’s psycholgical tactics

[audiotrack title=”Minds and Matters EP. 2: When SSMU is confronted with “external” and “divisive” issues” songwriter=”Chloe Nevitt and Lydia Kaprelian” date=”March 21, 2016″ width=”700″ height=”200″ src=”″ autoplay=”on”] In Episode 2 of Minds and Matters, the McGill Tribune's Science & Technology podcast, editor Chloe Nevitt and contributor Lydia Kaprelian dive into the psychological tactics that US… Keep Reading

Montreal’s first Scientista chapter launches at McGill

A chapter of Scientista, a group dedicated to empowering pre-professional women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields has just launched at McGill. After noticing a lack of resources available for women in higher education, Julia and Christina Tartaglia, biology students at Harvard University, founded the Scientista Foundation in 2011. With chapters across the… Keep Reading

Bob McDonald’s big ideas at SUS Academia Week

Bob McDonald, host of CBC’s weekly podcast Quirks and Quarks, kicked off the Science Undergraduate Society’s (SUS) Academia week with a special presentation about Canadian spacewalkers. Growing up at the height of the space age, McDonald’s fascination with space exploration was clearly apparent. He’s chronicled the lives of three Canadian astronauts in his book, Canadian… Keep Reading

Fact or Fiction: Is MSG bad for you?

It seems like no food is safe anymore. High fructose corn syrup causes diabetes. Swordfish is filled with mercury, a neurotoxin. And the latest bad news? Bacon is a carcinogen according to the World Health Organization (WHO). When it comes to monosodium glutamate (MSG), though, it looks like science is on the side of tasty… Keep Reading

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