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Dual documentary screening looks back on Standing Rock protests

Cinema Politica is a series of politically-conscious documentary screenings, taking place in movie theaters across Canada and the world. The latest edition took place at Concordia on Oct. 2, showing a documentary about the 2016 protests at Standing Rock directed by Michelle Latimer, herself a Concordia graduate.  The two-part documentary, featuring Sacred Water and Red Power,… Keep Reading

‘Resurrecting Hassan’ offers no easy answers

On Sept. 22, Cinema du Parc opened showings for Resurrecting Hassan, a documentary of local interest. Directed by Chilean-Canadian filmmaker Carlo Guillermo Proto, Resurrecting Hassan tells the story of a Montreal family coping with the loss of a child. Unflinching and quietly compassionate, Proto’s film is an examination of grief, and the ways we look… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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