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The red door flags MACES’ progress, but also underlying issues

The executive board of McGill’s Association of Continuing Education Studies (MACES) recently saw the resignation of two board members, including their vice-president (VP) finance Ghassan Berro and senator Nely Gaulea. These resignations have left a total of three vacant seats on their board. In 2012, an article published by the McGill Daily entitled “The Phantom… Keep Reading

McGill Safety Week

McGill Safety Week facilitates emergency awareness on campus

From Sept. 14 to 18, McGill hosted Safety Week, a series of events and informational services aimed at promoting preparedness across campus. McGill’s Safety Planning Officer Alysia Quirke explained the importance of remaining attentive in every day situations. “When we’re so busy, we can often become really complacent about safety,” she said. “Or you’re [too]… Keep Reading

McGill Faculty of Management hires first female dean

Following a 21-year tenure at George Washington University, Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou has joined McGill University as the new dean of the Desautels Faculty of Management. Bajeux-Besnainou, a native of France, began her career in academia in at the University of Paris where she obtained her Bachelors of Business Administration and doctorate in Mathematics Applied to Finance.… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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