Curiosity Delivers.

From the Viewpoint: Mosaica taught me how to love dance

I’m going to be honest—I know next to nothing about dance. It was therefore with some measure of anxiety that I attended the Mosaica Dance Company’s annual spring showcase. Of course the show would be good, of that I had very little doubt. The problem was instead how to write about something of which I… Keep Reading

In memory of The Fall’s Mark E. Smith

Mark E. Smith, who died Jan. 24, seemed somewhat immortal in a way that few artists can. As frontman of The Fall, in his 40-year career, Smith and his band released some 30 studio albums and just as many live albums, compilations, and collections of rarities. Despite his ailing health, Smith sounds as youthful on… Keep Reading

TNC’s FUSE finds meaning in confusion

Tuesday Night Cafe Theatre’s (TNC) FUSE is a confusing play. It includes little in terms of conventional plot structure or character development, and several days after seeing it, I am still having a hard time knowing what to make of it. If you like linear narratives and happy endings, this play might not be for you.… Keep Reading

A very ‘Strange Peace’: An evening with Metz

On Oct. 8, La Sala Rossa hosted a trifecta of blisteringly loud acts. After spending an evening with METZ and other deafeningly-loud performances concert goers were left with one question—will my ears ever stop ringing?   The first band to take the stage was called DEAF, which should have been an indicator of the noise… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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