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Productivity apps to keep you on track

With just over a month of classes left, term papers and final exams are on the horizon, and stress levels are on the rise. Since students are consistently on their phones and laptops, applications are a productive and easy way to use technology to deal with academic-related pressure. Here are five different kinds of apps… Keep Reading

Self-guided walking tours in Montreal

Montreal is undeniably a city that has its own unique charm, from its mountainous surroundings, to its crowning waterfront location. The historic and modern blend seamlessly in the city. It is rich with culture and history, and it would be a waste to not go beyond the ‘McGill bubble’ and explore this incredible city. Here… Keep Reading

Student of the Week: June Mills

June Mills is passionate about using education as a means to foster global development. Pursuing an honours degree in international development, she has become deeply interested in global educational policies, and her desire to help and educate others has driven her to engage in many activities both on campus and internationally. As the recipient of… Keep Reading


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle at McGill

Everybody has probably heard of the infamous ‘freshman 15’—it is a dangerous and inevitable consequence of unhealthy college behaviour; however, there are ways to avoid an unhealthy weight gain. Determination, willpower and a healthy mindset can make staying healthy at McGill a habit, not a task, and McGill campus services can help with that. Staying… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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