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Peer Review: Franc-Jeu theatre company displays innovative spirit in Alter-Ego

McGill’s francophone theatre company, Franc-Jeu, has come into its own since its creation two-and-a-half years ago. Its latest production, Alter-Ego, was a testament to the progress that it has achieved over time. Dramatic, emotional, and humorous all at once, Alter-Ego reflected on themes relevant to students. The play explored subjects including modern love and relationships,… Keep Reading

Recipe: No-bake energy bites

In an ideal world, students would have the time to prepare three healthy, hearty meals per day, with neat tupperwares of leftovers stored in the fridge, prepped for the week. In reality, students often end up eating out, snacking, and skipping meals due to their busy schedules. These energy bites are a healthy solution when… Keep Reading

Declassified: Mind control at McGill—a look at MK Ultra

The Allan Memorial Institute is located in an ominous mansion, formerly known as Ravenscrag, that looms over Rue McTavish at the foot of Mont Royal. The sinister stone building, said to be haunted, is befitting of the grisly experiment that occurred within its walls from 1957 to 1964: Project MK ULTRA. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)… Keep Reading

LeCHOP event combines cooking competition with affordable prices

Kicking off its fourth year in Montreal, LeCHOP features five different restaurants in a six-week challenge lasting from Jan. 4 to Feb. 11. The executive chefs from L’Atelier d’Argentine Vieux-Port, L'Atelier d'Argentine Downtown, Decca77, Newtown, and Wienstein & Gavino’s each compete in a weekly challenge where they must create a dish using a specific ingredient, with limited time.… Keep Reading

Evaluating practices when students grade their professors

“Very helpful and really hot!” “Great lectures that keep students engaged.” “He is a bumbling fool.” These are common comments that one might come across while browsing instructors’ profiles on The site is widely used by university students, and is regarded by many as an indispensable tool for selecting courses. It can be a… Keep Reading

A universal approach to accessibility on McGill campus

McGill is seeking to incorporate universal design—an approach towards the establishment of an environment that adapts to everyone’s needs—to the physical layout of its buildings and accessibility of the university as a whole. The thinking behind universal design is that disabling situations within people’s environments are what affect individuals with impairments; disability stems thus from… Keep Reading

Preparing for life after McGill

Although graduation may seem far away, it is never too early to begin making plans for a career or continuing education after McGill. It is normal for students to feel anxious about postgraduate plans, and it can be daunting to not know where or when to start. Here’s a comprehensive to-do list to quell common… Keep Reading


Senate discusses implementing recommendations of Mental Health Working Group

McGill’s mission statement and principles Senators raised concerns about the wording of McGill’s mission statement—specifically the linkage between  academic freedom and responsibility.  “In fulfilling its mission, McGill University embraces the principles of academic freedom and responsibility, integrity, accountability, equity, inclusiveness, and respect for cultural and individual diversity,” the proposed statement of principles that has been under… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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