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What has McGill done for you?

At the outset, three or four years may seem like a long time. But by the end of a degree, students often feel anxious about what to do next. Unlike the shift from high school to university—which is, for many, a direct transition—the movement from an undergraduate degree into “whatever’s next” is marked by uncertainty.… Keep Reading

Don’t call me busy

McGill is a large school teeming with spaces to get involved. Finding your niche as a freshman is daunting, and, even then, being involved can come to feel like a burden. Students must often juggle their coursework with extracurricular activities, social commitments, volunteering, and athletics. Students who are incredibly engaged may feel lonely and disconnected.… Keep Reading

Which elective should I take at McGill?

Over the course of the post-secondary experience, there are countless opportunities to branch out from your field of study. Electives can challenge students to see their degree in a new light, gain a more holistic perspective of what is available for study at McGill, bump up your GPA, and ultimately have a more well-rounded university… Keep Reading

Rare books: The hard spine of the modern library

Before attending McGill University, the enormity of the McLennan-Redpath Library Complex struck me. My first steps into the library were both timid and excited. Whether you are going to the library to work on a group assignment, cram for an exam, or to pick up a book, the atmosphere of knowledge is palpable. Sure, the… Keep Reading

SUS presents updates on Burnside basement renovation

On Wednesday, Nov. 25 the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) held its last General Council (GC) meeting of the semester, during which it wrapped up remaining agenda items and prepared for next semester. Provincial representation The Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) has been deliberating on whether to join a new provincial federation after the disbanding… Keep Reading

McGill Redpath Museum

McGill 101: Carving your own space at McGill

The question I constantly asked myself and my peers in my first year at McGill was “What should I do?” Beyond the classroom, how do I strike a balance between social life and schoolwork, and which clubs should I join? We somehow all made it to McGill, yet upon arrival that accomplishment can seem more… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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