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Odd Stumble’s Archipelago dunks on traditional gallery experiences

With increasing museum and gallery admission fees in more formal spaces, many spectators look to smaller events to discover artists, pushing the envelope of what it means to make art. From Jan. 11 to 14, Odd Stumble, in collaboration with Théâtre Rialto, organized Archipelago, a collection of interdisciplinary performances and art installations. With an emphasis on… Keep Reading

Album Review: Sleigh Bells – “Kid Kruschev”

          Since their 2010 debut, Sleigh Bells have been dubbed the poster child for “noise-pop”—defined as a combination of angelic pop vocals, distortion, and white noise–conveying an overbearing presence that cannot be ignored. Four albums later, vocalist Alexis Krauss and producer/songwriter Derek E. Miller embark on a thematic departure, Kid Kruschev, reflecting… Keep Reading

Album Review: dvsn – ‘Morning After’

After the release of their critically acclaimed debut album SEPT 5TH, Toronto duo dvsn (pronounced “division”) returns with their sophomore album, Morning After. Fresh off their tour with Drake, producer Nineteen85 and vocalist Daniel Daley continue their distinct sound: Combining melisma R&B vocals with production echoing ‘90s neo-soul artists. They released four singles ahead of… Keep Reading

Trib Mix – October Trip Hop Bops

As the weather gets colder, that summer ‘17 playlist you made just doesn’t feel the same anymore. With midterms, presentations, and essays bombarding students, it’s essential to have a playlist to help you keep focused. Look no further, ‘cause we got you covered. Feast your ears on these trip-hop beats, layered with jazz samples, off-beat… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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