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Inkless, employable personas

Employable, inkless personas

Whether by feigning confidence in an interview or embellishing responsibilities on a resumé, people often present an enhanced version of themselves to prospective employers. Many industries, like law and finance, maintain conservative hiring practices that pressure prospective employees to craft an inauthentic personal presentation by covering tattoos or piercings and keeping hair dyed a traditional… Keep Reading

Stuck between income and internship

For many students, the return from winter break marks the start of an annual scramble to track down that internship deemed crucial to curated resumes. The scarcity of paid internships limits opportunities for students who rely on a summer income, meaning that many undergraduate students are unable to acquire work experience in their field of… Keep Reading

Getting a seat: The struggle of course registration at McGill

For McGill students, getting into a crowded course often takes more ambition and artistry than the class itself. Securing a spot might require skipping one class to head to another professor’s office hours, refreshing Minerva every two minutes, or carving hours out of a busy schedule to sit in line for a meeting with an… Keep Reading

To close the gender gap, STEM fields need to change from the inside out

During a recent studying session in Trottier, my friend—a female engineering student—overheard two male students heatedly critiquing the call for women in engineering. The two students asserted that female engineers are “taking jobs away from the men who need to provide for families.” While most students today would agree that this mindset is archaic, gender… Keep Reading

Collaborative work develops valuable skills

For most students, working solo from the comfort of their bed is infinitely more appealing than trudging to a Cybertech pod on Sunday morning to meet their peers for a group project. However, despite the added challenges, collaborative projects can be some of the most rewarding assignments both in terms of academics and life skills.… Keep Reading

Online hate-blocking app protects users’ mental health

Triggering language—including terms that provoke traumatic memories or harmful thoughts—endangers the mental well-being of people with conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety. While it is impossible to fully avoid upsetting words in day-to-day life, trigger-free spaces are crucial for providing solace and protecting mental health. However, as Internet users know, the unmonitored… Keep Reading

McGill students need a Fall reading week to maintain mental health

Taking a break is beneficial and often necessary for maintaining mental health. A rising number of Canadian universities are acknowledging this in their academic calendars by implementing a Fall reading week. With strenuous midterms, shorter days, and overburdened on-campus support services, McGill students need a Fall break to improve their well-being and academic success. In… Keep Reading

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