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Perhaps the easiest lie to detect is when someone says they have never lied. From social fibs, in which a person lies in order to protect someone else’s feelings or to benefit others, to self-enhancement fibs, in which a person lies to save face or avoid consequences. In a nutshell, lying plays a major role… Keep Reading

Student of the week: Debra Kelsall

Most days, Debra Kelsall can be found hard at work at the Bronfman Building. As a second year student in the Honours Investment Management Program, Kelsall’s interest in her program has expanded beyond the classroom, as seen through her involvement in groups such as the Desautels Women in Business Club and the McGill Christian Fellowship.… Keep Reading

Bear’s Belly - Arikara (1909) (Edward Curtis /

Lessons from the past

The McCord Museum is showcasing Edward Curtis, an early 20th century photographer, with an exhibit of images from his encyclopedia The North American Indian. Sepia-hued photographs hang delicately on dark blue walls. Images fill the gallery: a young Mohave girl stares directly into the camera; three Apsaroke horseriders recede into the distance; an Arikara medicine… Keep Reading

An autumnal tree. (Alexandra Allaire/ Photo Editor)

Branché application reveals the secrets of urban trees

Mount Royal, west of downtown Montreal, serves as a vivid contrast to the cityscape. The autumnal leaves, ranging from yellows to fiery reds are reason enough to warrant a visit. Walking under the colourful canopy, a new tool will allow Montrealers to learn more about each tree. A made-in-Montreal iPhone application called Branché makes information… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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