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Defending the 8:35: Why early mornings at McGill aren’t going away

There is a certain meme circulating the depths of the Internet with which, by now, many McGillians should be quite familiar. It depicts a triangular model whose vertices point to certain generalizations about college life. “Good grades. Social life. Enough sleep. Pick two!” Though some may not find that their experiences required such a trade-off,… Keep Reading

Bill C-14’s flaw: Who deserves the right to die?

In 2015, the Supreme Court declared the existing absolute ban on physician-assisted death unconstitutional in the landmark case, Carter v. Canada. In this case, two women, both of whom suffered from degenerative diseases, argued that their inability to access physician-assisted death was grounds for discrimination because neither had the physical ability to commit suicide. Although… Keep Reading


SSMU weighing involvement in developing student federations

In March, the Fédération des Associations Étudiantes du Campus de l’Université de Montreal (FAÉCUM), a student union at the Université de Montreal, chose to disaffiliate from the Fédération Etudiante Universitaire du Quebec (FEUQ), a provincial student federation. Consequently, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) and other student associations entered into congresses about forming a… Keep Reading


Student Services budget reallocations and reductions

I n Winter 2015, the McGill administration announced changes in Student Serves funding, stating that it would cease to supply Student Services with a yearly transfer from McGill’s operating budget. McGill also announced that in the event of further budget cuts by the federal government, the McGill administration would redistribute to other offices government grants previously… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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