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A plea to disgruntled Americans at McGill

It has taken quite a lot of time for me to process what this election means for myself and for my country. I have felt everything from sadness to anger to fear to nausea. The most qualified presidential candidate in the history of our nation was defeated by a man with no experience who ran… Keep Reading

SSMU Council creates democratic review committee

At the Nov. 3 meeting, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Legislative Council voted in favour of supporting the Quebec Public Research Group (QPIRG) existence referendum, restructuring Senator elections for the Faculty of Engineering, and creating a Democratic Review Committee. Engineering Senator Elections Council passed the Motion Regarding Electing Student Senators from the Faculty… Keep Reading

Down the ballot: Presidential hooplah overshadows Congress

For citizens of the United States, this has been the most entertaining—and for some, the most nauseating—presidential election in memory. Disgruntled voters are threatening not to cast their vote because they feel neither large-party candidate suits their interests, and the movement to vote third party is gaining steam, especially among millennial voters upset over Bernie… Keep Reading

James Admin Building

Board of Governors adjourns after interruption by Divest McGill

On Oct. 6, the McGill Board of Governors (BoG) held its monthly meeting, during which they heard an update from Principal Suzanne Fortier on her recent activities and a presentation from the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) executives outlining information about their organization. The meeting was interrupted by members of Divest McGill, forcing an… Keep Reading

Meet the 2016-2017 SSMU & PGSS executives

What have you done this summer? I’ve been working on a few things [….] I was working on this project called a crash pad pilot for frosh. I had about 100 kids sleeping in the [Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU)] ballroom instead of going home […and we] kept some kids from driving home drunk… Keep Reading

Foundations for Reconciliation

On Sept 16, the 15th annual Pow Wow will take place under a tent on Lower Field, setting the stage for McGill’s Indigenous Awareness Week. As part of the event series, there will be a ceremony to unveil the new site of the Hochelaga Rock, currently located across from the statue of James McGill near… Keep Reading

McGill Governance 101

McGill University has an extensive system of governance bodies that manage its affairs from the undergraduate level up to administration. Making sense of this immensely complicated system is challenging to the untrained student, so we’re here to help you understand the who’s and what’s of this year’s campus politics.  SSMU Who they are and what… Keep Reading

Blast from the Past: Hockey at McGill

Hockey, like most modern sports, evolved over time as players combined various sports, including field hockey, lacrosse, and games from the British Isles such as shinty and shinny, and adapted them for the long Canadian winter. McGill students played a pivotal role in creating the game we know and love today, according to McGill Athletics Sports… Keep Reading


Deadpool is a triumph for fans, a challenge for general audiences

In 2014, a short clip of Deadpool test footage was leaked on YouTube, after the character was considered too crass for movie screens. The video—which has since been deleted by 20th Century Fox—sparked a movement among fans who had been altogether disappointed by the character’s 2009 appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. On Feb. 12, the… Keep Reading


Comic books 101: How to start reading (and loving) comic books

As comic-cons become more popular and geek culture merges with pop culture, comic books are attracting more and more attention. With movie franchises and television series, characters previously restricted to ink and paper are attracting new fans through digital media. However, comics remain intimidating to newcomers, since most characters have multiple series, and every series… Keep Reading

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