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How to survive the flu in the worst epidemic since 2009

This year’s flu season is one for the books—according to U.S. government health reports, it’s considered the worst virus since 2009’s swine flu epidemic, with the Public Health Agency of Canada reporting over 15,500 cases in Canada to date. Since avoiding the flu can be tricky, especially when crowding into lecture halls with 700 other… Keep Reading

The link between gut health and mental health

University life can pose a challenge to maintaining healthy eating habits. From sugar-filled bars grabbed swiftly on the way out the door in the morning, to late-night cups of Tim Horton’s, the rigors of academia do little for the average student’s physical health. But stress-eating processed candy and grabbing rushed slices of pizza can be… Keep Reading

Campus Spotlight: McGill Permaculture Club

Sustainability and ethics are the two general pillars of a form of agriculture known as ‘permaculture.’ A combination of the words ‘permanent’ and ‘culture,’ the term refers to the development of sustainable and ethical agricultural ecosystems. The practice—and the 12 specific principles behind it, which advocate for reducing  waste, increasing biodiversity, and using resources efficiently… Keep Reading

Viewpoint: A first-timer’s look at Nuit Blanche

Every winter, the streets of Quartier des Spectacles in downtown Montreal light up in celebration of Montreal en Lumière, one of the largest winter festivals in the world. The festival began in 2000 as a way of introducing people to Montreal’s winter scene. Combining performance art, gastronomy, unique art exhibits, and family-friendly activities, Montreal en… Keep Reading

Rethinking classical music at McGill

Classical music doesn’t seem to get much popular attention these days, but that doesn’t mean that young people aren’t interested. McGill students of all faculties and majors have been seeking out alternative groups to channel their classical music creativity.   At McGill, classical music is popular among music majors due to the variety of faculty… Keep Reading

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