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Identity crises and queer history months

October is Queer History Month at McGill, the first event of its kind at a Canadian university. It aims to explore and expand on the boundaries of heteronormativity through educational initiatives and celebrations: A four-week tangle in the complex web of queer identity. I came into my own sexuality with an unusual sense of animosity… Keep Reading

The Cannabis Act, which legalizes marijuana possession, comes into effect Oct. 17. (Winnie Lin / The McGill Tribune)

Quebec is legalizing cannabis—barely

Legal marijuana is set to hit stores and online markets country-wide in less than a month, and many Canadians are eagerly awaiting this change. Amidst the excitement, Quebec is taking a sideways attitude toward legalization. Quebec’s hesitance to embrace the benefits of legal cannabis has resulted in half-baked rules and regulations regarding the product. By… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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