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The Tribune’s top-10 most read Op-Eds of the 2017-2018 school year

Editor’s note: The McGill Tribune compiled a list of the top-10 most read Opinion articles of the 2017-18 year, reflecting, among other things, a year of controversial Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) action, growing discussion around the pervasiveness of sexual assault on university campuses and beyond, and continued criticism of the McGill administration’s shortcomings when… Keep Reading


If you ask someone what a “softboy” is, they either know exactly what you mean, or they have no idea.   When I asked Dylan Adamson,  U2 Cultural Studies, to define the term, he rattled off a list of weirdly specific, seemingly unrelated qualities.   “He talks about feminism a lot,” Adamson said. “He’ll recommend… Keep Reading

SSMU Legislative Council votes against endorsing Daily Publications Society

At its Nov. 2 meeting, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Legislative Council voted against endorsing the Daily Publications Society’s (DPS) upcoming existence referendum. Additionally, Vice-President (VP) External Connor Spencer and three faculty representatives moved for a special extension of the Fall 2017 referendum period. The Council also passed a motion mandating that SSMU… Keep Reading

Navigating “just hooking up”

To my knowledge, I’ve been on one formal date in my life—and I say “formal date” in the movie-and-dinner, Gilmore Girls sense of the word. It was July in Toronto, and I met him at a midtown pub. I was sweaty, because July in Toronto is sweaty, but he told me I looked pretty anyway. It… Keep Reading

On Melodrama, Lorde reveres being young and dumb

It’s easy to trivialize pop music, or dismiss it as something intrinsically lesser than “real music." It can seem banal, and focus on catchiness in lieu of explicit meaning. But those criticisms often miss the point of the genre. At its best, a pop song isn’t about a message, per se, but rather a feeling,… Keep Reading

Why it pays to slow down this summer

Remember your elementary school summers? When school was out and the living was easy? Goodbye, long division–hello ice cream sandwiches, sleepover camp, and Saturday morning swimming lessons. As an undergraduate student, summers are sort of like those swimming lessons. Except instead of learning to float on your back, someone just throws you into the deep… Keep Reading

We need to keep asking stupid questions

In my first high school political science course, I had a friend who was very clever and well-informed—the kind of self-identified young intellectual that read the New York Times like scripture. One class, he got into an argument on electoral reform in Canada with another very clever and well-informed student. I sat silently between them,… Keep Reading

Senate Report on CAMSR Open Forums on Sustainability seeks to address participant frustrations

At the Jan. 18 meeting of the McGill Senate, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) Christopher Manfredi presented a Report on the McGill Committee to Advise on Matters of Social Responsibility’s (CAMSR) September Open Forums on Sustainability and a written response to its recommendations. In addition, senators addressed questions submitted by Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU)… Keep Reading

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