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Adam Gopnik, literary titan and art connoisseur. (

Celebrated author Adam Gopnik dishes advice

When Adam Gopnik was growing up in 1970s Montreal, he chose to steer clear of CEGEP. Instead—like Will Hunting—he simply went to the library and read. The choice appears to have paid off. Since completing his BA in Art History, the McGill alumnus (’80) has become an esteemed author, with three National Magazine Awards and… Keep Reading

Gustav and Luca look out to the sea. (

Depression and disaffection in Italy’s lost generation

“Che te dice la patria?” asked Ernest Hemingway in 1927. The question of what the fatherland—Italy, under the yoke of Mussolini—had to say was, in those years, of seminal importance; doubly so for Hemingway, a man whose first taste of love and death came on the Italian front during WWI. In one of his (unfortunately)… Keep Reading

Analyses suggest Zoloft is no more effective than a placebo pill (

A bitter pill to swallow: Zoloft’s inefficacy

Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in terms of revenue, is being sued by a woman who claims that the antidepressant drug Zoloft is no more effective than a placebo pill. The plaintiff, Laura Plumlee, alleges that Zoloft failed to alleviate her depression in spite of a three-year treatment course. Pfizer responded by saying the… Keep Reading

Chicken Noodle Soup: Fact or Fiction?

After the debauchery that is Winter Carnival and the exhausting weekends of Igloofest, many of McGill’s finest have begun to suffer from the effects of the common cold. Although cures like sage extract, licorice tea, and kissing a mule’s muzzle—a bit of creative flare on the part of the Romans— fluctuate in popularity, the most… Keep Reading

Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino. (

Matt & Kim ride the lightning

When we get on the topic of Montreal, Matt winces. “Do people just not get us there?” We’re discussing Matt & Kim’s last Montreal appearance, a show that Matt remembers had a painfully low turnout. Immediately, however, he regains his characteristic ebullience. “We were looking for a chance to get back there and do it… Keep Reading

Young girls take up arms for Hindu fundamentalism. (

Between the gun and the runway

Prachi, a husky 24-year old with a dull gaze, barks at a group of young Hindu girls. After two and a half hours of running, crawling, and combat drills, their colourful saris are torn and dusty. While Prachi trains girls in the skills required of a Hindu fundamentalist at the Durga Vahini camp, Ruhi—a lithe… Keep Reading

The Night of Bush Capturing: A Virtual Jihadi © Wafaa Bilal

Blown Up: Gaming and War—a frustrating chore

I walked through the doors of the Montreal, arts interculturels (MAI) last Friday to find the exhibit space deserted. “Excellent,” I thought to myself, as I passed the archway to the main hall—the stormy afternoon seemed an opportune time, and the ideal backdrop, to see the MAI’s latest offering, Blown Up: Gaming and War. The… Keep Reading

The jovial Julian Barnes. (Hendrick Speck / Flickr)

Books on books: award-winning authors share their insights

In his youth, Julian Barnes’ bibliophilia took on near-pathological proportions. Much like the shoe-obsessed, 2011’s Man Booker prize winner would spend the vast share of his disposable income on books, driving from town to town in search of secondhand treasures. “I bought with a hunger which I recognize, looking back, was a kind of neediness:… Keep Reading

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