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TNC’s The Flood Thereafter feels entirely washed up

The Flood Thereafter was a risky choice for a student production. Tuesday Night Café Theatre (TNC) Directors Daphné Morin and Cleo da Fonseca chose a complex piece that weaves surrealism, small-town identity, and Greek myth together. Coming in closer to two hours than the promised hour and a half, The Flood Thereafter plods along its… Keep Reading

Bernie Sanders, Killer Mike, and Lil B

When rappers feel the Bern: The impact Killer Mike and Lil B can have on Bernie Sanders’ campaign

Brandon "Lil B" McCarthey, AKA The Based God is a mysterious figure. His online persona is something that should not have worked: He obviously and aggressively tried to make himself go viral by creating numerous Myspace pages and Twitter accounts. Michael “Killer Mike” Render gained his fame by more conventional means, first garnering recognition as a… Keep Reading

Adele, "Hello"

Pop Rhetoric: Pop is art—don’t go by the numbers!

The last few years have seen a burgeoning of the movement of ‘poptimism.’ Poptimism takes popular music as an artistic form worthy of merit and critique like any other, and has been very productive. Popular music is analyzed and appreciated more rigorously and superstars like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Taylor Swift get due credit; however,… Keep Reading


Nudism & Cubism: Dana Schutz exhibit sheds new light on Cubist painting

Painter Dana Schutz’ exhibit mixes the experimental vigour of modernism with a personal and approachable style. The work has a clear relationship to cubism, representing figures in an atypically, fragmented manner, but it does not share the clinical eye that is representative of the movement for which Picasso is known. Rather than inviting the male gaze… Keep Reading

Grimes Art Angels

Album Review: Art Angels – Grimes

Grimes (the stage name of ex-McGill student, Claire Boucher) is not your dream girl. In a music industry that wants to turn performers into a unified brand, Grimes falls into an odd position. She defies easy characterization: She is too weird to be a true pop artist, but is too connected to the genre to… Keep Reading

Scary face

The Viewpoint: SIN – halloween haunted house

SIN: Halloween Haunted House at the Theatre Sainte-Catherine was an intense and disturbing experience, unlike any other haunted house. The theatre’s small space was transformed into a formless nightmare that played with the audience’s vulnerability. The experience began with the participants being attached to a rope by the wrist, while standing outside the theatre—with no… Keep Reading


Album Review: New Bermuda – Deafheaven

On New Bermuda, Deafheaven maintains the uniqueness of their sound but loses some of the intensity of their previous album, Sunbather. Deafheaven has always existed in an interesting limbo, combining the extremity of black metal with softer shoegaze and post rock sounds. This limbo angered diehard fans but excited many others, launching them into mainstream… Keep Reading

Choral Comprehensives

Peer Review: Choral Comprehensives

For many undergraduates at McGill, graduate students can seem separate from the rest of us, little more than strange entities that touch down to mark papers and run conferences. Choral Comprehensives is a reminder that like any other student, grad students need activities outside of class to stay sane, serving as the first graduate-only a… Keep Reading

Album Review: Meow the Jewels – Run the Jewels

It’s hard to have particularly high expectations when going into an album like Meow the Jewels. Cats as a meme became played out a while ago, peaking in 2013 when the touring Internet Cat Video Festival got some press. These low expectations were happily shattered by the talent of Run the Jewels in combination with… Keep Reading

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