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Acing the end-of-year potluck party

As Montreal slowly defrosts and patios enter their thawing phase, McGill students will begin the gradual return to life outdoors. For many, a staple of both the end of the year and the warmer weather are potluck parties. Don’t get stuck being the person who brings the last-minute bag of chips, or the store-bought box of… Keep Reading

Broad City

Pop Rhetoric: A love letter to Broad City

A new saying has been circulating among my friends after a failed night out or an especially quirky encounter with a stranger: Having a ‘Broad City moment.' This connotes a mantra, a lifestyle—a way to bask in the sheer ridiculousness that is everyday life as a young ‘adult.’   The description is inspired by Comedy Central’s… Keep Reading

Picture Perfect: Crafting your best LinkedIn photo

LinkedIn has become a platform on which thousands of users are able to browse for jobs, apply for employment, and connect with work-related contacts. In addition to beefing up one’s profile with relevant skills and experiences, an important element to consider is that which draws the eye immediately: The profile picture.   So how important… Keep Reading

Dear McGill house hunter

This year marks my fourth year at McGill, and my fourth different living situation: One year in residence and three years in three different apartments. As someone who has made many avoidable mistakes when it comes to housing, I feel it is my duty to pass on the wisdom I’ve acquired over multiple years of… Keep Reading

The history of eugenics in Quebec and at McGill

McGill University is known for its cutting-edge scientific research. Many may not know, however, that during the early 20th century, McGill was a communication hub between eugenicists in Britain and Canada. Eugenics has its roots in England—the term was first coined by British scholar Francis Galton in 1883. Galton took eugenics to be “the science… Keep Reading

The (happy) light at the end of the tunnel

Dark winter days may be illuminated with a new program offered by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Mental Health Committee and McGill Mental Health Services (MMHS) called “Happy Lights.” The program seeks to treat a mood disorder that many students experience during the winter semester when the days are colder and shorter with… Keep Reading

Student of the Week: Katie Duff

Katie Duff, U3 Electrical Engineering, is using her passion for her field of study to further cancer research and create new modes of early detection for aggressive forms of cancer. Duff began her journey in the Faculty of Science, but after changing programs five times, she finally landed in the Department of Electrical Engineering, with a… Keep Reading

Off the board: Political critique without personal criticism

Topics dealing with race, sex, and gender are inherently politically and personally charged issues. Critiques based on these issues are bound to one’s own experience and identity; when these issues are raised, the discussion can quickly become emotionally-charged. These conversations are crucial in order to highlight and dismantle oppressive structures and ideas within an academic… Keep Reading

Trib Mix: Creep

Late October is synonymous with Halloween. To get you in the scary mood the staff at the McGill Tribune has compiled 25 tracks that define what "creep" means for them. Remember to scroll down to the end to check out the Spotify playlist and happy listening! The Weeknd – “Wicked Games” Halloween may be scary and chilling,… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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