Curiosity Delivers.

Scientists for Love encourages connections through the senses

Love is in the air and, according to the Montreal-based organization Scientists for Love, it is also in our senses. On Feb. 9, founders Amy Chartrand and Leigh Kotsilidis spoke during the Science Undergraduate Society’s (SUS) Academia Week 2017 “Stranger Things,” introducing the audience to a new method for building human connections. “[Scientists for Love… Keep Reading

What happened before the Big Bang?

McGill Physics Professor Robert Brandenberger spoke at the Cutting Edge lecture series on Jan. 12 hosted by the Redpath Museum. In the lecture, Brandenberger shed light on the question, “What was before the Big Bang and how might we be able to tell?” “Who thinks that there was a Big Bang?” Brandenburger asked the crowd, which… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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