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Mail Art

Flashback: Ray Johnson’s Mail Art

“Ray Johnson are the funniest artist currently working in America.”  This sentence is not written in error, nor was it originally when first scrawled in black marker across a page of addresses and cryptic notes. Ray Johnson is the founder of the New York Correspondance School, which included over 100 artists involved in the ’50s-’60s… Keep Reading

Museum Review: Patrick Bernatchez “Goldberg Experienced.04”

In one cavernous space, the heads and shoulders of audience members at “Goldberg Experienced.04”—an eight piano rendition of Bach’s “Goldberg Variations”—sway to different rhythms. For every individual, it may be a specific piano that resonates with them, or a single note appearing once in the hour-long piece, or a pattern subtly detected from beginning to… Keep Reading


Beyond street dance

An amber glow cut through the darkness, illuminating only part of the stage between floor and ceiling. Music began to thunder, and hands suddenly shot up, puncturing the glow, writhing on their own for a few moments before their bodies joined. This is not contemporary dance; this is dance in a contemporary world. PHASE 1… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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