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Album Review: ‘Wake Up Now’ – Nick Mulvey

It’s been six years since Nick Mulvey left the famed jazz band, Portico Quartet, in pursuit of a solo singer-songwriter career. Since then, Mulvey has released one EP and two studio albums—all of them receiving praise, and even a Mercury Music Prize nomination for his 2014 debut full-length First Mind. It is undeniable that going… Keep Reading

The irony of social media

If there’s one word to describe our generation, it’s ‘connected.’ We’re connected to each other, to events, to pop culture—and it is all a mere touch-screen away. We have hundreds, sometimes thousands, of ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ who like our posts and pictures—but something is missing. Despite the web of relationships social media provides us with,… Keep Reading

McGill and Montreal mourn the loss of Eleanor Stubley

On Aug. 14, Montreal police reported that they had found the body of Eleanor Stubley, associate professor and associate dean (Graduate Studies) of the McGill Schulich School of Music, in the southwest borough of Montreal. Stubley had been missing since Aug. 7. While police have not disclosed many details of the case to the public,… Keep Reading

Review: Five takes on five dishes for five dollars each at CINKO Bar

CINKO, a resto-bar located in Montreal’s Quartier Latin, boasts a wide variety of dishes at only $5 per dish. To try out this seemingly too-good-to-be-true deal, The McGill Tribune’s Student Living team swung by during CINKO’s Saturday lunch hour, analyzing flavours and evaluating quality.   Poutine   While at first CINKO sounds like a great… Keep Reading

Safety on the trails with gendered violence in the background

Content Warning: Graphic image.  Running makes people happy, gets them fit, and adds years to their lives—it’s no wonder the sport is so popular. For many, running is the ultimate release; it’s a temporary escape from the bits of life we don’t like, and it just so happens that pounding the pavement is chock-full of… Keep Reading

Faculty of Law hosts panel on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

On March 8, the McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism hosted “Stand with Us/Debout et Solidaire,” which coincided with International Women’s Day. The event focused on the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada and was organized by a host of institutions, including the Montreal Holocaust Museum, Quebec Native… Keep Reading

Chez Boris is closing its doors at the end of April

Coffee and donuts are an age-old combination. But Chez Boris, located on the corner of Avenue du Parc and Avenue Laurier, made the pair extra-good. The quirky café—known for its ¢75 Russian-style beignets and incredible coffee—opened in August 2012; just five years later, it’s closing its doors.  On March 1, Chez Boris made the announcement… Keep Reading

The rise of self-care in the age of high-stress

Arising out of a culture that values self-love and depreciation of stress, the concept of “self-care” is vast and multi-faceted. Though there are a myriad of ways to interpret and implement the practice, one common theme underlies them all—a notion of breaking away from stress and sadness to find comfort, peace, and happiness in something.… Keep Reading

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