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The LeBron James narrative

“The human mind is addicted to stories,” author Jonathan Gottschall said. It is for this reason, he claims in his book, The Storytelling Animal, that our minds wander and turn information into stories. Sports are one of the best examples of this tendency. A fan’s addiction to narrativization creates incredible tales of heroes and villains,… Keep Reading

A behind-the-scenes look at coaching through the offseason

After building toward a championship victory for months at a time, the end of the season leaves players and coaches alike in a trance—the championship hangover. Coming off his team’s fourth straight CCBA championship, Redmen baseball Head Coach Jason Starr confirmed this predicament to The McGill Tribune. “Two weeks,” Starr said. “It takes me two… Keep Reading

Predicting the MLB midseason

With regular season action less than two weeks away, all baseball fans want is to get started. For them, there’s nothing better than those summer afternoons spent at the ballpark with hot dog in hand. Given the slow offseason, The McGill Tribune pressed fast-forward on the MLB remote to provide a look at how the… Keep Reading

Names and stories to watch at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games

The 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games are right around the corner, and a fresh set of Olympic heros are waiting in the wings. The Canadian delegation—225 athletes strong—is the largest in history. While every athlete hopes to capture Olympic gold, only a select few—from a wide variety of backgrounds—will have a shot. Speed Skating Emma Avery… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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