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My new beginning: How I transferred to McGill

Transferring to a new university is not a decision to make on a whim. If you are coming from outside of Canada, as I was, it can be an even bigger challenge, but I am proof that transferring is feasible, and that it can be the best decision of your life. I applied to McGill… Keep Reading

Concordia Write Nights: Finding inspiration in unlikely places

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and Concordia Write Nights aim to help writers access it. The student-founded group organizes workshops, events, and writing groups in a variety of unusual locations across Montreal for anyone looking to develop their writing. Started by the Students’ Association for Graduates in English (SAGE) at Concordia University in 2015, Write… Keep Reading

Student of the Week: Claire Motyer

“I’ve been playing violin since I was four, so I’ve always defined myself as a musician,” Claire Motyer, U3 Music, said. Motyer spent her whole life immersed in musical performance, until she injured herself in her first semester at McGill University from over-rehearsing. “I was […] practicing four hours a day plus rehearsals, so up to… Keep Reading

In the ‘Loop’: Lighting up the Place des Festivals

From Dec. 8 to Jan. 27, anyone walking through Quartier des Spectacles in downtown Montreal will be able to experience and interact with 13 large luminescent wheels scattered around the Place des Festivals. These are the product of Montreal’s annual Luminothérapie competition, launched Dec. 10, 2015. The winners of the competition, announced in October 2016,… Keep Reading

Coffee shops that are actually conducive to studying

With midterm season coming to an end, many McGill students have finally left the library and emerged into the daylight again. Unfortunately, these few exam-free weeks are short lived. Finals are slowly creeping up and, personally, I am not ready to set up camp in McLennan again. This is where Montreal’s well-known café culture becomes… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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