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Deep Cuts: Mellow and meditative

Weightless Artist: Marconi Union  Album: Single Released: October 16, 2011   In 2011, with the help of professional sound therapists, the British artist Marconi Union purposely crafted the most relaxing song of all time. The eight-minute ambient track is a conglomerate of perfectly calculated harmonic intervals, designed to induce a calming euphoria. The continuous pulsing… Keep Reading

The peculiar ethics of The Bachelor

In light of both the show’s season premiere just two weeks ago and former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman’s recent split from her reality TV lover, Josh Murray, I think it’s time that the Tribune take a deep, fleshy bite out of one of the most peculiar, borderline tragic, and simultaneously popular pieces of our mainstream culture:… Keep Reading


Deep Cuts: Classical pieces that everyone should know

Eine kleine Nactmusik, K525 Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Composed: 1787 You’ve heard the famous first movement maybe a million times: In movies, TV shows, commercials, and on stages time and time again—maybe you even played it with your middle school orchestra. Translated quite literally to “A Little Night Music,” this serenade has been noted by… Keep Reading

Gas Girl’s flame is futile

Written by Canadian playwright Donna Michelle St. Bernard, Gas Girls is an aesthetically intricate play that shares the story of two African girls who survive by trading sex for gasoline, which they then sell for cash. Loosely based on a real-life occurrence in Zimbabwe, the play has immense potential to tell these girls’ story and… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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