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Album Review: Jay Som – ‘Everybody Works’

It’s hard to make an indie-rock record in 2017. With rock’s virtually non-existent commercial clout  and alternative music’s critical supremacy all but sapped, the genre has been bogged down in a midlife crisis for the past few years. Those who have managed to hang around—Mitski, Car Seat Headrest—have done so through a combination of lyrical… Keep Reading

Trib Mix: Dad Rock

You’ve seen the hordes of white middle-aged men longing for the days when music was loud, men were men, guitar solos were long, and the word “rock” was a verb. You’ve seen the YouTube comment sections packed to the brim with 12-year-olds claiming to be born in the “wrong generation.” Now listen to the music.… Keep Reading

Album Review: I See You – The xx

The xx’s 2009 self-titled debut was a watershed album for indie rock, one that effortlessly fused after-midnight R&B with pop sensibilities. Eight years later, much has changed. World-shifting indie rock records like The xx’s debut now seem few and far between. The band itself has splintered off in different directions; Jamie xx’s emergence as a… Keep Reading

Beat Connection: How Montreal’s next generation of producers are breaking the mould

In bedroom laboratories, on social networks, and at apartment raves, the next generation of artists and collectives are working to take the next step forward in Montreal beatmaking. One producer, Kaytranada, has become something of a standard bearer for Montreal’s cosmopolitan beat scene.  Where other producers aim for stylistic consistency and mass appeal, Kaytranada’s music erodes… Keep Reading

Pop Rhetoric: Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureaute

By now, you probably already know that Bob Dylan’s Nobel prize win is either a triumph of lyrics as literature or the harbinger of the decline of Western civilization. Over the past few weeks, the announcement has led to an all-consuming blaze of Internet think pieces. There’s been an explosion of responses that few artists… Keep Reading

Embrace of the serpent

Movie Review: Embrace of the Serpent

After an Oscar season that was packed to the brim with survivalist epics, viewers could be forgiven for not wanting to see yet another “man vs. nature,” movie. However, if there’s one film that weary audiences should make room for, it is Embrace of the Serpent. Sure, it doesn’t boast flame-throwing murder guitarists or Leonardo… Keep Reading

Staff Round-Up: Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo (TLOP)

As a long-time Kanye West fan, I knew The Life of Pablo (TLOP) would deliver in terms of innovation, and considering Kanye’s career progression it was easy to guess that TLOP would feature heavily over-processed samples and gospel-esque backing beats with strong hooks and stronger guest artists. Admittedly, the best part of this album is… Keep Reading

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