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Information overload is an overblown fear

For the past few years, the term ‘information overload’ has saturated numerous media outlets, from reputable scholarly journals to more mainstream magazines offering solutions to an apparent epidemic sweeping the modern world. The argument contends that the accessibility of information online, from go-to search sites such as Google and Wikipedia, to social media outlets, are… Keep Reading

Taking advantage of Montreal’s summer season

Gone are the days when the image of summer school was a punishment to keep free-spirited kids away from their dreams of sweet summertime. In university, the reasons for choosing to enroll in summer classes can range from lightening the course load during the traditional school year, keeping up with a scheduled graduation date after… Keep Reading

TEDxMcGill conference inspires innovation across campus

On March 19, the work of executive organizers for the TEDxMcGill conference culminated in a seamless, inspired day, which included eight speeches from innovators across an array of disciplines. Ground-breaking presentations ranged from those by Moon Ribas, a self-identified ‘cyborg’ who can feel the vibrations of earthquakes around the world, to Thione Niang, the founder… Keep Reading

An optimistic outlook for the future of McGill student services

On March 11, a group of approximately 30 McGill students and staff gathered together for the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU)’s Mental Health Forum in the SSMU Ballroom. A panel of staff representatives, from the various service departments under the umbrella of mental health care, was present, including from Counselling Services, the Mental Health… Keep Reading

Fashion for sub zero weather

Although Mother Nature has been teasing us all winter with glimpses of spring air and fluctuating temperatures, let’s not forget that we choose to live in Montreal—a place where there was never a chance of emerging from winter without a few blasts of sub zero weather and ‘stop you in your tracks’ snowfall. Coming back… Keep Reading

Student of the Week: Emma Solome

When transitioning from first year to second year, Emma Solome knew she was looking for something more from her university experience. Her focus this year is incorporating extra-curricular ventures that she is passionate about while balancing a challenging degree in chemical engineering. “In first year, I wasn’t really involved in anything,” Solome said. “I didn’t… Keep Reading

What's the problem?

Asking a generation: What’s the problem?

Located in the Latin quarter of downtown, Théâtre Sainte-Catherine Café-Bar hosts What’s the problem?, an impressive photography exhibit by Ana Jovmir. The collection centres on a group of physically beautiful young adults and issues they feel themselves facing in capitalist society. The images capture their expressions and reactions to life. The message the exhibit arrives… Keep Reading

No Gender

No Gender art exhibit reveals consequences of the gender binary

Walking into the opening party for the No Gender art exhibit at NEVERAPART gallery, there was an undeniable atmosphere of community and celebration. This immediate sense of excitement was juxtaposed with the seriousness of what was on display.  For artist Sylvain Tremblay, the concept behind the No Gender exhibit was sparked 15 years ago on a… Keep Reading

The Viewpoint: Être Avec Toi

Être Avec Toi (ÊAT) is a dining experience unlike anything else Montreal has to offer. Located outside the McGill bubble on Rue du Square-Victoria, this new restaurant concept attached to the W Hotel was born of a collaboration between Sid Lee Architecture, specializing in cutting-edge designs, and MASSIVart, an agency with a mission to “amplify moments… Keep Reading

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