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‘Big Brother’ now a tool to study linguistics

After moving to a new place, some people’s accents change readily while others stay more or less the same for the rest of their lives. McGill University linguist and Assistant Professor Morgan Sonderegger recently spearheaded a study that explores the science behind accent dynamics. Some studies on accents have analyzed only one conversation with a… Keep Reading

Why McGill should extend its shuttle hours

Home to the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, which offers majors such as Bioresource Engineering, Nutrition, Environmental Biology, and Agronomy, the Macdonald Campus is a small slice of McGillian greenery on the waterfront of Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. However idyllic this setting may seem, as a student at the Macdonald campus it can be difficult to feel… Keep Reading

Zoos: Prisons or protection?

Animal lovers everywhere can relate to the excitement and wonder associated with going to the zoo. However, many are also dismayed by the small enclosures and the often oppressed and miserable-looking animals trapped inside. Not surprisingly, animal welfare organizations, such as PETA, have spoken out against zoos, condemning their push for profits, as well as the… Keep Reading

In search of a sustainable, nutritious diet

What is the perfect human diet in terms of nutrition and environmental impact? According to McGill’s School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition Professor Dr. Timothy Johns, finding the right balance is the key. Johns, an ethnobotanist and nutritionist, said that humans are omnivores by nature. “We’re adaptable, but it’s not just ‘anything goes,’” Johns said.… Keep Reading

The ACL tear: An athlete’s worst nightmare

When former McGill Martlet Volleyball player Charlotte Clarke went up for a hit during a match, she wasn’t too worried about how she was going to land. But when she came down on one leg, her teammates heard a crack. “It was excruciating,” Clarke, U3 Arts, said. “The pain [made me want] to leave the… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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