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The Tribune’s top-10 most read Op-Eds of the 2017-2018 school year

Editor’s note: The McGill Tribune compiled a list of the top-10 most read Opinion articles of the 2017-18 year, reflecting, among other things, a year of controversial Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) action, growing discussion around the pervasiveness of sexual assault on university campuses and beyond, and continued criticism of the McGill administration’s shortcomings when… Keep Reading

A McGill club’s mapping mission

U3 students Hannah Rebentisch, Caroline Thompson, Hannah Ker, Jan Oledan, and Cameron Power, with various concentrations in geography and geographic information systems (GIS), are bringing the mission of mapping to McGill. After attending the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team conference in September 2017, they met representatives from a global organization called YouthMappers, which seeks to build students’ capacities… Keep Reading

National Geographic’s race cover story misconstrues multiraciality

When I first read Patricia Edmonds’ cover story on Millie and Marcia Biggs—half-black, half-white fraternal twins—for National Geographic’s April 2018 Race Issue, I felt conflicted. As a person of mixed race, with a father from Hong Kong and a mother of largely Scottish descent, I was happy for this family’s opportunity to share their experiences.… Keep Reading

Metro musicians

Walking through the metro is not something we spend much time thinking about. Public transportation, as its name implies, is inherently transitory. The sole point of any transit system is to carry people as efficiently as possible from point A to B. Such a system is successful when its design allows us to spend less… Keep Reading

Champions League round of 16 preview

The 2018 Champions League knockout rounds promise to be some of the best in recent memory. In Manchester City, the Premier League offers at least one threatening title contender. Barcelona remain strong as ever, while slumping Real Madrid are out to prove their worth. With Jupp Heynckes back from retirement and at the reins, Bayern… Keep Reading

Names and stories to watch at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games

The 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games are right around the corner, and a fresh set of Olympic heros are waiting in the wings. The Canadian delegation—225 athletes strong—is the largest in history. While every athlete hopes to capture Olympic gold, only a select few—from a wide variety of backgrounds—will have a shot. Speed Skating Emma Avery… Keep Reading

Evaluating gendered bias in course evaluations

‘Tis the season—for course evaluations. At McGill, the online form asks students to effectively grade their professors, by identifying the degree to which they agree with statements such as, “Overall, this instructor is an excellent teacher.” These data are then made available to all McGill students, but open-ended feedback is reserved for professors. In Fall… Keep Reading

In Competition With: McGill Quidditch

When two sports editors try their hand at actual sports who reigns supreme? On the second episode of In Competition With Selwynne and Stephen face-off in the most magical of McGill sports, Quidditch.  Featuring: Selwynne Hawkins and Stephen Gill Directed by April Barrett Edited by Patrick Beacham and April Barrett Crew: Emma Avery Keep Reading

SSMU Legislative Council discusses committee on governance reform

At its Nov. 16 meeting, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Legislative Council passed the Motion for Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors to Undertake the Selection of Future Board Members Anonymously and the Motion to Amend the Standing Rules to ease the deadlines for presenting motions. Faculty Councillor Anthony Koch was nominated… Keep Reading

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