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Fired up with Fireball Kid

Just over halfway through Fireball Kid’s “Be Friends” (with Magi Merlin, Ura Star, and Big Friends) a distorted guitar solo rips through the production. Sparkly pop textures, autotuned falsetto verses, and Magi Merlin’s lush, commanding hook suddenly fall off, and, for a second, it sounds like someone tripped over a cord. Out of nowhere, this… Keep Reading

‘Suspiria’ dances to a vicious conclusion

Suspiria, Luca Guadagnino’s remake, or ‘cover version,’ as he calls it, of Dario Argento’s 1977 horror classic, is a hard pivot from both its source material and Guadagnino’s previous film, Call Me By Your Name. Whereas those films isolated their characters to watch the play of emotions in specific environs—CMBYN in a bourgeois summer home… Keep Reading

Montreal: La belle ville de movie dorks

“We were shown, as in some strange phantasmagoria, scenes from different places in France. First there was the arrival of a train at the Lyon-Perrache station […] you could clearly see each individual. It was most lifelike: you really were at the station. The train left and everything disappeared […] And the sea? We saw… Keep Reading

What is an “internship?”

For me, and hopefully for many other McGill students, this academic year is all about honesty. School is difficult; let’s talk about it. I’m saying goodbye to “everything’s fine.” No more plastering a fake smile over my insecurities. I’m done with pretending. This year is about finding strength in vulnerability, which is why I’m taking… Keep Reading

McGill senate convenes to discuss Rossy Student Wellness Hub

On March 28, the McGill University Senate, the governing body tasked with general control and supervision over academic matters at McGill, convened to discuss McGill’s changing approach to issues of academic integrity. Martine Gauthier, executive director of Student Services, also  introduced the new Rossy Student Wellness Hub (RSWH). Additionally, Senate touched upon the newly released… Keep Reading

Red Colored Elegy is the perfect introduction to gekiga manga

Ichiro, the male lead of Red Colored Elegy, repeats a sort of young-male-tortured-artist catch phrase throughout the manga: “I want to draw comics.” Fortunately for readers, Seiichi Hayashi, Red’s author and illustrator, has a more realized sense of vocation. His cornerstone of the gekiga manga–the adult manga, or alternative manga, subgenre–Red, plots the doomed romance of… Keep Reading

Hey! You should come see my band tonight

You’re at Café Santropol on a Sunday afternoon. Visibly focused on your work, headphones in, you become aware of a turtlenecked, tiny-hatted, vaguely stinky entity behind you. He won’t tap your shoulder, but as seconds stretch into minutes, you begin to turn your head, not quite toying with the idea of removing a headphone— Hey!… Keep Reading

Tyler, the Creator is glowing

2011 was a while ago. When Tyler, the Creator rapped that he would “stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus” on 2011’s “Yonkers,” he wasn’t threatening the Bruno we’ve come to love or hate on “24K Magic,” “Locked Out Of Heaven,” or even “The Lazy Song.” Tyler was threatening fedora-wearing, Doowops and Hooligans, “her hair,… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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