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Bill Clinton needs to exit the political discussion

On Oct. 7, Presidential candidate Donald Trump released an apology for his misogynistic comments in an infamous 2005 tape, which records him bragging to Access Hollywood host Billy Bush about sexually assaulting women. However, his apology merely brushed off the incident as “locker-room talk” while shifting the focus onto Bill Clinton, who had nothing to… Keep Reading

Unpaid internships offer hard choices for undergrads

With the end of the semester looming, many students are weighing the merits of a prestigious but profitless internship against the benefits of a summer income. Luckily, McGill provides many essential services such as the Arts Internship Office (AIO) and Career Planning Service (CaPS) that can make the search easier. That said, McGill is unfortunately… Keep Reading

Criticizing white feminism for the sake of progress

Since the emergence of third-wave feminism in the ’90’s, feminist theory has become increasingly diversified into new categories, such as black feminism, liberal feminism, and radical feminism. But as different varieties of feminism emerge and intersect with other social issues such as race, sexuality, and class, the blanket term “feminism” has become increasingly obsolete. This… Keep Reading

Federal politicians must treat young voters with dignity

Throughout the campaign, the media focused on the voter turnout for one particular demographic: Youth. A Nanos vote study of the 2011 election found that if more than 38 per cent of youth had voted in 2011, the Canadian government would have been completely different. Clearly youth have the power to change election results. In… Keep Reading

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