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‘Don’t Read the Comments’ breaks the silence surrounding the complexities of consent and assault

Today’s climate – at McGill and worldwide – has drawn widespread attention to the prevalence of sexual violence. These discussions lead to people questioning what exactly constitutes sexual assault. Produced by the Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education (OSVRSE) as part of their Consent Campaign, Don’t Read the Comments delves into these grey areas of consent, forcing its audience to engage with issues of such violence Keep Reading

Hozier delivers a mesmerizing performance at L’Olympia

It’s been four years since Hozier released his self-titled debut album, a work that captivated listeners across the world. Ever since, fans have been desperate to hear more, waiting on the edge of their seats for a follow-up that, for some, felt like it might never come. However, fans’ prayers were answered this summer when… Keep Reading

An Iliad: A story of war and grief

How can one make a modern-day audience hang on every word of a three-thousand-year-old story? An Iliad, a one-man show directed by the McGill Classics department’s Lynn Kozak and produced by Chocolate Moose Theatre, proves that remakes of classic texts can be executed in both a skillful and entertaining way. The play takes the form… Keep Reading

Star Wars

Five movie trailers that really packed a punch

The best movie trailers are the ones that grab your attention, whether it’s with a stunning shot, dramatic action, or a witty line of dialogue. They’re the ones that spark your curiosity rather than satisfying it. They show off the movie’s good points, but don’t give away any of the best scenes. Below are five… Keep Reading

Take me to church: Sistine Chapel comes to Montreal

Few works are as universally recognized or as globally revered as Michelangelo’s masterful works in the Sistine Chapel. Created in the early 16th century, these works depict scenes from the Bible’s Book of Genesis, biblical prophets, and the ancestors of Jesus. Among its most recognizable images are the Great Flood, the battle between David and… Keep Reading

Empress Of Me

Album Review: Empress Of – Me / XL

          In the world of electronica, it’s easy for the synthesizers and drum machines to feel monotonous and unoriginal, and for the songs to blend together due to the lack of instruments. Yet Empress Of—the solo project of Honduran-American singer Lorely Rodriguez—manages to avoid this tedium in its debut album, Me.… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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