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Pop Rhetoric: What’s in a name?

Viet Cong’s new self-titled album manages to make me feel excited about guitar-heavy jams despite living in an age where there is a glut of such music. This Calgary four-piece is on the cusp of the almost unobtainable—a career in indie rock. However, what’s up with that name?  Is it a political statement? Do the… Keep Reading

Album Review: Bjork – Vulnicura

    Björk’s Vulnicura manages to pull off an admirable feat by balancing intricate production with emotive rawness. The album offers a brutally comprehensive forensic analysis of Björk’s failed relationship with famed visual artist Matthew Barney. The tracks thematically capture the slow death of a long-term relationship and gradual acceptance of loss.  “Stone Milker” captures… Keep Reading

Album Review: Sleater Kinney – No Cities to Love

Sleater Kinney has had incredible staying power, as their new release, No Cities to Love, is the band’s first in 10 years. The band which has its roots in the ’90s DIY and riot grrrl scene in America’s Pacific Northwest has made consistently great music and achieved a hybrid level of commercial and independent success… Keep Reading

Album Review: Death Grips – Fashion Week

What is Death Grips’ new surprise instrumental album Fashion Week? Juggling many styles and sometimes unfocused, the album itself may not even know what it is. After announcing their break-up and final album on a napkin, this is likely to be the next to last Death Grips release. The last letter of all tracks spell… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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