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Minds and Matters EP. 2: Donald Trump’s psycholgical tactics

[audiotrack title=”Minds and Matters EP. 2: When SSMU is confronted with “external” and “divisive” issues” songwriter=”Chloe Nevitt and Lydia Kaprelian” date=”March 21, 2016″ width=”700″ height=”200″ src=”″ autoplay=”on”] In Episode 2 of Minds and Matters, the McGill Tribune's Science & Technology podcast, editor Chloe Nevitt and contributor Lydia Kaprelian dive into the psychological tactics that US… Keep Reading

Trib Mix

Trib Mix: Guilty Pleasures

Midterm season isn’t complete with a good emotional break-down and a moment to just let completely loose. The best way to successfully accomplish both is by jamming out to your favourite guilty pleasure song, but not just any mildly embarrassing track. The perfect song for getting over midterm insanity is the type of track that… Keep Reading

The anti-tutoring: Helpr is a unique way for peers to connect

Many students looking for a hot date on a Friday night use Tinder. For those looking to boost their GPA, however, the match-making app Helpr will soon be available. Developed by three Montreal natives, Helpr is trying to change the tutoring game. “We kind of describe it as the anti-tutoring,” Michael Hasenfratz, one of the… Keep Reading

Research briefs: pictures of proteins, rape culture, and Reddit

First ever picture of a protein The study of proteins has always been essential to understanding diseases. Proteins, which are the little worker bees of the human body are responsible for cleaning out debris, transporting vitamins and nutrients, and even fighting off foreign invaders. Because the function of an individual protein is largely dependent on its structure,… Keep Reading

Biochemist Nahum Sonenberg favours the prepared mind

McGill Biochemistry Professor Nahum Sonenberg likes asking simple questions. He believes that every problem can be broken down into pieces and put together like a puzzle to answer a bigger issue. “Always ask a simple question to get a simple answer,” Sonenberg said. “If you […] want to look at the mechanism by which cancer… Keep Reading

The Mile End’s musical history

For aspiring musicians, Montreal’s Mile End is the place to be. The likes of Arcade Fire, Grimes, and BRAIDS have emerged from its streets. Montreal is already famous for being a cultural and artistic hub, so it begs the question: What made the Mile End so unique? “The Mile End is a neighbourhood that has… Keep Reading

This month in student research: Yarden Arane

Most engineering students  take on a year-long project during their final year at McGill, where students must work with a professor or in an industry position. When Yarden Arane, U3 Software Engineering, had to pick his, he chose Professor Jeremy Cooperstock, the director of the Shared Reality Lab at McGill.  “[I] approached Professor Cooperstock and… Keep Reading

Getting into the app game

Entering the app world is equal parts intimidating and exciting. McGill alumnus Nathaniel Blumer (BSc. Computer Science 2013) has developed several apps since graduating from McGill. He’s worked for private contractors in Canada and the U.S., and has even received offers for his apps from multinational companies. His most recent venture, an app called StudyBuddy,… Keep Reading


Off the Board: 21st Century Fox/National Geographic partnership signals decline in accessible education

On Sept. 9, 21st Century Fox struck a 725 million-dollar deal with National Geographic, thus ending the 127-year-old magazine’s era of non-profit existence. Under this deal, Fox will own 73 per cent of the new joint media venture—National Geographic Partners—making Fox the majority stakeholders. Only 27 per cent will remain under the control of The National… Keep Reading

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