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Bands playing at Osheaga

Osheaga’s local acts

Osheaga is over, and with the the end of one of the most anticipated festivals of the summer, Montreal seems to have settled down before the hectic frenzy of back-to-school season. But while most international bands have returned to their homes, sometimes an ocean away, much of the talent at the eighth installment of Osheaga… Keep Reading

Documents required to obtain a post-graduate work permit

Post-grad visa: $155, staying in Canada: priceless

For graduating students, the haunting question “what are you doing after McGill” follows us wherever we go. But for international students, post-graduation plans are complicated by a further question—“can I even stay in Canada?” Graduating international students can stay in Canada if they apply for a post-graduate work permit—the length of which can vary. If… Keep Reading


Regarding our Feb. 11, 2014 editorial

There were several errors in the Tribune’s Feb. 11 editorial as a result of our referencing an out-of-date version of the SSMU Equity Policy. Although the policy was updated in Apr. 2013, the previous March 2012 version was linked to on the official SSMU Equity webpage until the time of press and of this statement, hence… Keep Reading


Mozart opera production toots its own flute

Mozart meets the Industrial Revolution in Opera McGill’s final production of the 2012-2013 season, The Magic Flute—a joint performance with McGill’s Chamber Orchestra in Pollack Hall, presented on Mar. 21 and 23. In the celebrated opera, Prince Tamino wanders into a distant land, and is asked by the grief-stricken Queen of Night to rescue her… Keep Reading


SSMU Winter GA features clickers

For the first time in McGill history, students used clickers at the General Assembly (GA) held by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) on Feb. 27. Although the GA did not reach quorum of 100 students, the gathering was a consultative forum that passed motions to support the Social Equity and Diversity Office, to… Keep Reading

Highlights from the Feb 22nd SSMU Council

McGill clinic considers cutting services Director of Student Health Services, Dr. Pierre-Paul Tellier, was a guest speaker at the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Legislative Council held on February 22nd. Tellier explained that McGill’s health clinic currently offers services to members of the university who pay the university services fee, as well as to… Keep Reading


The Tribune’s Guide to the 2013 Nuit Blanche

Montreal’s winters may be frigid, but the bleak weather doesn’t stop it from being one of North America’s most vibrant cities. The buzz of winter is most evident on Nuit Blanche, a night where the city explodes with light and activity. As part of the Montreal en Lumière festival, artists, musicians, and everyday Montrealers will… Keep Reading

Courtesy of Martha Hall Findlay.

Exclusive Interview with Martha Hall Findlay

With the race for the Liberal Party of Canada leadership in full swing, Martha Hall Findlay has been considered one of the main contenders for the position. The McGill Tribune spoke to Hall Findlay, a former Toronto Member of Parliament, about her vision for the Liberals, her campaign, and the Quebec student movement. McGill Tribune:… Keep Reading

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