Curiosity Delivers.

SpaceX blasts through expectations

February kicked off with a blast as private aerospace company SpaceX sent its most technologically advanced rocket, the Falcon Heavy, out into space on Feb. 6. This was a momentous occasion for anyone with dreams beyond our atmosphere, as the Falcon Heavy can reportedly carry a record 64 tonnes into orbit at one-third of the… Keep Reading

Journalism still matters

Returning home for reading week often comes with the usual barrage of concern from my family over my choice to pursue journalism as a career. “Journalism is a dying field,” my family members say. “Anybody with a blog can be a journalist.” Yet, I could scarcely go a day without one of my friends or… Keep Reading

Fast radio bursts tangle with unknown forces

Streaking across the sky with a luminosity far greater than the sun’s, fast radio bursts (FRBs) remain powerful yet mysterious phenomena. They were discovered in 2007 when curiosity inspired the astronomer Duncan Lorimer to search the farthest reaches of space, with the FRBs being powerful enough to surpass the typical limitations of scientific equipment. Over… Keep Reading

The art of the steal

Classic scams like Nigerian princes in need of financial assistance and unexpected cruise tickets can seem childishly blatant, but they obscure an undercurrent of more threatening and manipulative exploitations. Over the summer, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police alerted people of an increase in fraudulent calls exploiting a duty so banal that citizens are often ignorant… Keep Reading

Facebook and McGill Connect over AI

Facebook announced that it would be basing its first Canadian research laboratory in Montreal at a press conference at McGill’s Faculty Club on Friday Sept. 15.  The city is home to the offices of many tech companies—including Google and Ubisoft—and the city’s burgeoning tech industry has received millions in investments from the government. Various stakeholders—including… Keep Reading

Governance 101

  STUDENTS' SOCIETY OF MCGILL UNIVERSITY Who They Are The Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) is the representative and governing body for all students pursuing undergraduate and professional degrees at McGill. Its base of operations is the University Centre—also known as the Shatner Building, named after a particularly famous graduate. From there, it organizes student… Keep Reading

Sadie’s permanently closes

On April 13, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) sent an email informing its students that Sadie’s, a student-run cafe located in the SSMU building, would permanently close on May 5. The cafe–formerly known as simply the Student Run Cafeteria or SRC–had continuously faced deficits since it opened in 2013, and reducing these losses… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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