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Commentary: Thin line between vigilance and censorship at Concordia

Concordia University’s administration recently announced that it was going to offer professional support to its Muslims Students’ Association (MSA) to review books in the association’s library after the news network, TVA, made allegations against the student-run library and the inappropriate content in some of its books. After the TVA pointed out the questionable texts in… Keep Reading

Fears of extremism limiting freedoms in Canada

Since Stephen Harper proposed Bill C-51 against terrorism, several events have taken place that call into question the establishment of laws and rulings to combat extremism that some fear may be growing in Canada. Officially, Bill C-51 gives Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) agents greater power to address “security threats” both at home and abroad. On… Keep Reading

Commentary: Pope Francis forays into controversy

On Jan. 21, when asked about birth control and family planning for Catholic families, Pope Francis’ answer proved to greatly disappoint many people, both Catholics and non-Catholics alike. While it is understandable that it is impossible to cater to the varied interests of more than one billion Catholic followers, two weeks ago Pope Francis deliberately… Keep Reading

Commentary: On the path towards equal access to education

Earlier this month, The White House released a short video on its Facebook and Twitter pages in which President Barack Obama made a proposal to make community college free for two years of each students’ education. As long as students attend half of the required classes and maintain a 2.5 GPA, they would not have… Keep Reading

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