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McGill further clarifies actions to address budget cuts

Last Thursday, Provost Anthony Masi and Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) Michael Di Grappa released an email to the McGill community providing further details about the extent of the budget cuts imposed by the Quebec government, and the rationale behind the measures McGill has chosen to deal with them. According to the MRO, from Jan. 1,… Keep Reading


McGill announces salary and hiring freezes

On Mar. 26, McGill Principal Heather Munroe-Blum released an email to the McGill community detailing the first measures that the university will take to address the Quebec government’s recent cuts to its operating budget. Among the measures were salary and hiring freezes, a reduction in the operating budgets of senior administrators’ portfolios, and a voluntary… Keep Reading

Larson wins SSMU presidency with 60% of the vote

On Friday night, Elections SSMU released the Winter 2013 elections and referendum results to a crowd assembled at Gerts Bar. Katie Larson, Joey Shea, Brian Farnan, Samuel Harris, Tyler Hofmeister, and Stefan Fong will comprise the 2013-2014 Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) executive team. Larson was elected SSMU President with 59.5 per cent of… Keep Reading

Justin Marleau spoke for teaching union. (Elizabeth Flannery / McGill Tribune)

Arts forum addresses TA concerns about budget cuts

Students, union members, and administrators came together to discuss the Quebec government’s announced budget cuts at a student-led Faculty of Arts forum last Thursday. Topics covered during the forum included teaching assistants’ (TA) concerns with regards to the budget cuts, and the removal of 101 arts courses for the 2013-2014 academic year. The forum, which… Keep Reading


McGill joins online learning platform without Senate approval

The McGill administration has come under scrutiny following its announcement on Feb. 20 that McGill is now a member of the edX consortium—a not-for-profit enterprise specializing in online interactive learning. Several members of the McGill Senate have criticized the senior administration for failing to communicate with Senate about the initiative. McGill will use edX to… Keep Reading

Montrealers gathered on Sunday to oppose new legislation aimed at amending Quebec’s language laws. (Alexandra Allaire / McGill Tribune)

Montrealers gather to say “no” to PQ’s Bill 14

More than 200 people gathered in the square opposite Quebec Premier Pauline Marois’ office on Sunday afternoon to protest the Parti Québécois’ (PQ) proposed changes to language laws with Bill 14. The rally featured several guest speakers who denounced the bill’s potential impacts on Quebec society, and was organized by two minority rights groups—the Unity… Keep Reading

Divest McGill members chant in James Square. (Luke Orlando / McGill Tribune)

Petitions call for divestment from fossil fuels, Plan Nord

On Friday afternoon, Divest McGill delivered two petitions to the university’s Secretary-General, Stephen Strople, calling for McGill to divest from the Plan Nord, the oil sands, and fossil fuel industries. According to administrative practice, the petitions will be passed on to the Committee to Advise on Matters of Social Responsibility (CAMSR)—an advisory body responsible to… Keep Reading

(Elizabeth Flannery / McGill Tribune)

Highlights from the Jan. 24 SSMU Council

Motion Regarding Support for Indigenous Peoples and Allies Heated debate occurred between councillors over a motion calling for SSMU to “adopt a position in support of the Idle No More movement, and in support of the struggles of the Society’s First Nation and Inuit members and allies.” Senate Caucus Representative Max Zidel expressed discomfort with… Keep Reading


Statement of values to replace provisional protocol

The McGill administration will replace the draft protocol regarding demonstrations, protests, and occupations with a new “statement of values and principles” concerning freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly on campus. This plan was announced last Wednesday by Provost Anthony Masi and Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) Michael Di Grappa. The draft protocol developed from… Keep Reading

Douglas Hall will be closed in 2013-2014. (Michael Paolucci / McGill Tribune)

Douglas Hall to close for renovations during 2013-2014

Douglas Hall, McGill’s oldest student residence, will close for renovations during the 2013-2014 academic year. According to Robert Stanley, director of project management for McGill’s Facilities Operations and Development office, they  are scheduled to begin in May, and should be completed in July 2014. According to Stanley, the project has been planned for several years.… Keep Reading

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