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Viewpoint: Me and my cultural fatigue

Every year, thousands of students move to Montreal to begin their journey at McGill. Although the university’s multinational student body is a blessing for international students, moving to a new place often comes with a cost that goes unnoticed by locals. When I moved to Montreal from Mumbai, I was stunned by the novelty of… Keep Reading

Word on the Y: What does balance mean to you?

As midterms approach, the concept of ‘balance’ may begin to seem increasingly elusive. Navigating university life is no easy task, but remembering to keep the big picture in mind is one of the biggest lessons students learn during their time at McGill. The McGill Tribune asked passers-by at the Y-intersection about how they define a balanced life. Keep Reading

Women who draw at McGill

Although visual arts have historically been gendered as a feminine pursuit, making them more socially acceptable for girls to explore their creativity than boys, a clear gender imbalance exists among the top figures of the industry, with male artists receiving more representation than women. To counter this inequality, Julia Rothman, co-founder of Women Who Draw,… Keep Reading

Time capsule discovered during renovations of Roddick Gates

The Roddick Gates are currently under construction for maintenance and for a more welcoming design. On March 1, construction workers discovered a time capsule while lifting stones from the arches of the North-East side of the entrance. The finding was brought to McGill Archivist Lori Podolsky, who organized the reveal of the capsule on March… Keep Reading

TNC’s “Be Tween” presents pubescent nostalgia

Tuesday Night Cafe (TNC) Theatre latest production, Be Tween, depicts the honesty the ephemeral and profound experience of undergoing puberty with charming honesty. Written and directed by Concordia student Phoebe Fregoli, the play begins with middle-schooler Gemma (Michaela Snoyer) waiting at a bus stop for her best friend Julie (Claire Morse). Here, she becomes acquaintances… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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