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Instagram’s Mari Andrew on living her happiest life

It often takes trauma and heartbreak to push people into their most creative, inspired places. Such a narrative is common across artists and writers, and is similarly true for Mari Andrew, illustrator and founder of a daily illustration Instagram account, @bymariandrew, now with over half a million followers. Each of Andrew’s illustrations comes with a… Keep Reading

Comedian Yamaneika Saunders opens up at Just For Laughs 2017

It’s festival season in Montreal, and some of the greatest comedians from across the globe are pouring into the city for the annual Just for Laughs (JFL) festival. Among them is Yamaneika Saunders, a New York-based stand-up comic who has been pleasing crowds with her bold, dynamic nature for over a decade. This year–her second… Keep Reading

Banks speaks to all the senses at Le Metropolis

It didn’t take long for listeners to latch onto Jillian Banks, better known simply by her last name: Banks. Her sound is an amalgamation of pop and R&B with a spooky techno-alternative twist; her visuals are dark and laden with metaphors; her style is sleek, seductive, and minimalist. After releasing her first album, Goddess, in… Keep Reading

A roundtable discussion on the Girls finale

HBO’s Girls aired for the last time on April 16. The series finale, titled “Latching” which garnered a wide array of reactions from film and TV critics, featured main character Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) in the early stages of motherhood, assisted by her best friend Marnie Michaels (Allison Williams). In what many have considered to… Keep Reading

U3 Engineering student posts Facebook status about distrust in new SSMU executive, citing ‘predominantly female executive’

U3 Engineering student Jack Martin recently posted a status on Facebook expressing his distrust in the newly elected Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) executive team for the 2017-18 school year.  “I don’t usually post things like this on Facebook, but recent events have alarmed me to a place that I feel like I need… Keep Reading

Review: Five takes on five dishes for five dollars each at CINKO Bar

CINKO, a resto-bar located in Montreal’s Quartier Latin, boasts a wide variety of dishes at only $5 per dish. To try out this seemingly too-good-to-be-true deal, The McGill Tribune’s Student Living team swung by during CINKO’s Saturday lunch hour, analyzing flavours and evaluating quality.   Poutine   While at first CINKO sounds like a great… Keep Reading

Campus Spotlight: Social Equity and Diversity Education Office

The Social Equity and Diversity Education (SEDE) Office at McGill provides equity education across campus and beyond. Through equity training sessions, workshops, and advising services for students and faculty members, SEDE aims to serve the needs of marginalized voices on campus. Founded in 2005 by Associate Director Veronica Amberg, SEDE once existed solely within the… Keep Reading

Université Laval first university in Canada to divest from fossil fuels

On Feb. 15, Université Laval became the first Canadian university to commit to divest its endowment fund from fossil fuel-related companies. Fossil fuel investments made up an estimated five to 15 per cent of the university’s total endowment—equivalent to $11 to 30 million—according to Alice-Ann Simard, founder of ULaval sans fossiles and Master’s student in Business… Keep Reading

Reflections from the Women’s March on Washington

On the afternoon of Jan. 20, I dredged through Jeanne Mance Park, making an effort to step in the footprints of those before me, grasping large pieces of cardboard. I was running late to class, but that wasn’t my main priority. I was focused on getting to campus to meet four other friends, so we… Keep Reading

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