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Bill 151 exposes gaps in McGill Policy Against Sexual Violence

At the Nov. 1 sitting of the National Assembly of Québec, Minister for Higher Education Hélène David introduced Bill 151, which aims to prevent and fight sexual violence in higher education institutions. The bill would require all universities in the province to develop a policy against sexual violence that is separate from its other policies… Keep Reading

Open Letter highlights gaps in pay for women and racialized research employees

As part of the Association of McGill University Research Employees’ (AMURE) ongoing negotiations with the university, President Sean Cory published an Open Letter to Principal Suzanne Fortier on Oct. 25. The letter lays out four injustices that research employees at McGill face, which AMURE—a union of research associates and assistants at McGill—hopes to come to a… Keep Reading

A letter from your upstairs neighbour

Last week, The McGill Tribune published an op-ed criticizing upstairs neighbours for their “categorically inconsiderate” behaviour, such as bodybuilding, blasting music, and having loud sex. I was disappointed by Sydney King’s assertion that upstairs neighbours are inherently selfish and rude. In my time as a student in Montreal, I’ve lived on the first floor, the 11th… Keep Reading

Common campus sightings, decoded

Alex is spotted walking up rue university toward Milton Gates at 9 p.m.. He is holding an extra large Tim Horton’s cup and a bag of timbits. What it means: Alex has not started studying for his exam, and it is now the night before. Alex will be spending a long night in McLennan.  … Keep Reading

Governance 101

  STUDENTS' SOCIETY OF MCGILL UNIVERSITY Who They Are The Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) is the representative and governing body for all students pursuing undergraduate and professional degrees at McGill. Its base of operations is the University Centre—also known as the Shatner Building, named after a particularly famous graduate. From there, it organizes student… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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