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McGill works to define the university context in student regulations

After finalizing updates to the Charter of Students’ Rights last October, McGill continues to deliberate changes to the Student Code of Conduct, including expanding the meaning of the “university context.” While the revisions remain tentative, McGill has made them available online, alongside a form soliciting student feedback the changes. Senate expects to finalize the Student… Keep Reading

Closure plans leave SSMU building tenants uncertain

In the aftermath of the announcement of the SSMU building scheduled closure on March 17, 2018, over 50 clubs and services that use the building are struggling with plans to find new offices. Clubs whose relocation plans are finalized include the Peer Support Centre, the Legal Information Clinic, and MSERT. The complete shutdown, planned to continue… Keep Reading

More questions than answers raised at the SSMU building closure information session

The University Centre, which is owned by McGill, is scheduled to close on Feb. 15 and reopen one floor at a time between August and December 2018. Tenants that are unable to relocate during that period, such as Gerts Bar, will temporarily close. While SSMU will not have to pay rent to McGill during the closure, the society will forego between $300,000 and $400,000 in revenue and relocation costs. Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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