Curiosity Delivers.

Gravitational waves when neutron stars collide

A global effort, with contributions by McGill astrophysicists including Assistant Professor of Physics in the McGill Space Institute (MSI), Daryl Haggard, and postdoctoral researcher Melania Nynka, has detected gravitational waves coming from the collision of two neutron stars in orbit. Among the many implications of this discovery, the origin of certain elements—such as gold—emerged.  Gravitational… Keep Reading

Designer babies in the age of CRISPR

A powerful gene-editing tool, known as CRISPR, has been developing, promising new approaches to treating various illnesses and even modification of children by their parents. Yet, it seems society still hasn’t addressed fears about the possible misuse of such technology—technology that research labs around the world have already started using.  CRISPR functions by altering damaging sequences… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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