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Stranger Things and The Americans: The Cold War on TV

With its 1980s pop culture nostalgia, Netflix’s Stranger Things feels comforting and familiar, yet unlike anything else on television. Stranger Things is based on a simple premise: One night after riding his bike home a kid named Will Byers goes missing from Hawkins, Indiana, a small midwestern town.  Strongly influenced by Steven Spielberg’s films such… Keep Reading

Movies filmed at McGill

Spotted: McGill in the movies

When you’re trying to make it to your 8:30 a.m. lectures on a freezing cold February morning, it’s hard to imagine that McGill resembles the bowels of the Pentagon or a military base during the zombie apocalypse. Yet in the past, Hollywood has managed to transform locations around campus into exotic locations. Here are a… Keep Reading

Star Wars: The fans awaken

The force is strong with this one Ten minutes into The Force Awakens, viewers witness a stormtrooper’s moral struggle between right and wrong, and it’s here where the question on everyone’s mind is answered: The Force Awakens works. Showing how stormtroopers deal with morality just as much as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo is totally… Keep Reading


Play Review: Butcher question ideas of justice, revenge, and love

Playwright Nicolas Billon premiered Butcher last year in Calgary, having previously won the 2013 Governor-General’s Award for Fault Lines, a work of three plays including Greenland, Iceland, and Faroe Islands.  While Billon’s previous plays have had darker themes, they look like comedy sketches in comparison to his latest work. Butcher forces the audience to examine… Keep Reading

Spooky ghost

Past vs. present: Jane Eyre vs. Crimson Peak

Warning: Spoilers The mansion in Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak is a character in itself. It breathes, bleeds, and moans. It’s rotting and sickly, yet simultaneously vibrant and beautiful; it’s also an accomplice to the brutal murders that have plagued its inhabitants for decades. With an ancient manor, a mysterious suitor, and an innocent, yet… Keep Reading

Pop Dialectic: Modern Family

Modern Family just finished its long run of consecutive victories at the Emmy Awards earlier this year. Two writers take a look at the show and its legacy. Click each perspective to read more Modern Family was always stuck in the past Arielle Garmaise When Modern Family premiered in 2009, it joined network television at… Keep Reading

Bob Moses Days gone By

Album Review – Bob Moses / Days Gone By

          Deep house is always a somewhat difficult genre to analyze. With its steady beats and minimalist instrumentation, it’s meant to set an atmosphere rather than move and inspire. Armed with a laptop and sound equipment, making mediocre deep house isn’t terribly difficult, and these days it seems like everyone is… Keep Reading

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