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Word on the Y: What does balance mean to you?

As midterms approach, the concept of ‘balance’ may begin to seem increasingly elusive. Navigating university life is no easy task, but remembering to keep the big picture in mind is one of the biggest lessons students learn during their time at McGill. The McGill Tribune asked passers-by at the Y-intersection about how they define a balanced life. Keep Reading

Summers in Montreal might now involve a pool on Mount Royal

In 2014, the city of Montreal closed the public pool behind the Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH). Three summers later, mayoral candidate Valerie Plante committed to revamping the old pool and opening it up again within the next year, should she be elected. “With this project, we have the opportunity to offer the downtown population a… Keep Reading

Former Sadie’s location remains vacant

Four months after its closing on May 5, the space that Sadie’s, the former student-run cafe, once occupied on the second floor of the Shatner Building remains vacant. With limited room in the Shatner Building as a whole, this space would be a valuable asset for many other student groups and societies.  Sadie’s had a… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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