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English versus French: A false dichotomy

Having grown up a son of French and Tunisian immigrants in the West Island, a mostly English-speaking part of Montreal, I have had a curious experience with language. Although Bill 101, The Charter of the French Language, was at first necessary to preserve the French language in Quebec, current attempts to ‘promote’ the language, like… Keep Reading

Basic income tightens the belts of the most vulnerable

The premier of Quebec, Philippe Couillard, has announced he was “serious” about implementing an unconditional basic income for all Quebec residents. This universal basic income, inspired by countries such as Finland, would replace all of the government’s current aid in revenue, such as welfare and tax credits. The Quebec Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity,… Keep Reading

Justin Trudeau

An endeavour for a representative and legitimate Parliament

Canada’s electoral system is in need of a reboot. It discourages people from voting by the simple fact that a majority government may be formed without a majority of the popular vote. Andrew Coyne, columnist for The National Post, summed the system up, saying that it sustains “false and exaggerated majorities, discriminates among voters, rewards… Keep Reading

No representation without unification for Canada’s progressive parties

Currently, there is no definitive left-wing political leader in Canada, unlike in some other Western democracies. In the United States, there is growing popular support for Bernie Sanders, who is mobilizing for cheaper education and affordable healthcare. In the United Kingdom, where there is a strong socialist tradition and inequality continues to rise, Jeremy Corbyn has been… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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