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Climate barbies and superheroes

The tension was palpable at a Nov. 3 press conference in Vancouver when Environment Minister Catherine McKenna stood up to a reporter from Rebel Media, asking that the organization refrain from calling her a “Climate Barbie.” The initial comment resulted in a ferocious back-and-forth exchange in which the Rebel reporter, Christopher Wilson, claimed that he had… Keep Reading

Hillary Clinton tells Montrealers “What Happened” in 2016

A cheering crowd welcomed an injured Hillary Clinton to the stage at the Palais des congrès de Montréal on Oct. 23. She opened by jokingly describing her doctor’s orders to heal her recently fractured foot. “The doctor said rest, ice, compress, and elevate,” Clinton said. “So I said, ‘Yes, and Montreal.’” Clinton was in Montreal… Keep Reading

University students are anything but “fragile flowers”

In her Sept. 19 column for the Globe and Mail, Margaret Wente compared today’s university students to “fragile flowers,” arguing that increasing concern for mental health on campuses is conditioning young adults to be weak, not resilient. Wente needs to learn a thing or two about resilience. Wente’s staunch disapproval of mental health services on… Keep Reading

‘Uncle’ Joe Biden meme tickles America’s funny bone

As Democrats mourn their candidate’s surprising loss in the recent presidential election, meme-viewers turn to one Ray-Ban sporting, ice cream loving, deified figure for reassurance and solace in this hard time: Vice-President Joe Biden’s meme alter-ego, ‘Uncle’ Joe. As Uncle Joe wistfully looks out onto the South Lawn, wondering if Santa Claus will know where… Keep Reading

When hate trumps hope

On the morning of Nov. 8, I awoke with an overwhelming sense of pride and excitement over the possibility—in my head, it was almost a certainty—of a woman in the White House. After 44 male presidents, an incredibly qualified woman was about to claim the 45th spot and change the trajectory of women’s rights in… Keep Reading

The cost of being a coffee-drinking woman

What if you were told that you had to pay more for your morning coffee, just because of your gender? Toronto coffee shop Tokyo Smoke got a rise out of its customers for doing just this. One woman was told she’d have to pay a whopping $5.00 for her small decaf latté—$1.50 above the male… Keep Reading

What we can learn from Homa: Concordia professor’s release from Iranian prison underscores importance of her work

The international community cheered today when Iran finally released acclaimed academic and former Concordia University professor, Dr. Homa Hoodfar. The Iranian-Canadian anthropologist was detained in Evin Prison in Tehran for over a hundred days without access to her family or lawyer. The details of Hoodfar’s charges were ambiguous, though reports in Iranian news outlets accused… Keep Reading

Ontario must strengthen education systems to equalize opportunity

The Ontario government is launching a new initiative to make higher education accessible and affordable for all students. In its budget, the provincial government unveiled the Ontario Student Grant—a project aimed at giving all Ontarians equal opportunity to obtain a university degree. Beginning in 2017, students from low-income families (households that earn $50,000 or less… Keep Reading

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