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Trib Mix: Songs for lovers at McGill

Being distracted in class while thinking about your significant other Song: A Dreamy Day of Daydreaming of You (2001) Artist: Of Montreal As it’s title suggests, this soft, piano-driven song encapsulates the mood of a blissful daydream. The dragging chords and the band frontman Kevin Barnes’ hypnotic, honey-like vocals invite the listener to indulge in… Keep Reading

Fact or Fiction: Chocolate is the ultimate love drug

Famously exchanged by lovers on Valentine's Day, tucked in an attractive heart-shaped box, chocolate is almost unanimously recognized as the sweet treat of love. Beyond being a sentimental gift to express affection, some believe that chocolate directly influences feelings of attachment and arousement, with the snack being historically considered as an effective aphrodisiac. While sinking… Keep Reading

The selfless selfie: “Hypotheses” conference discusses narcissism and post-internet art

Since the boom of social media, selfies have gained widespread popularity. It is an art form that is rarely given credibility, often being touted as evidence of the milennial’s supposed narcissism. Last week, Hypotheses, an arts symposium, hosted a conferenced called “Posting The Self(i.e.): Performing Bodies and Post-Internet Art” at the Montreal Museum of Fine… Keep Reading

4 tips for a better night’s sleep

Ever wake up feeling tired after getting over eight hours of sleep? You’re not alone. For an activity that we have been doing since we were born, sleeping—at least, sleeping effectively—is not always easy. There are a variety of factors and processes that can make it difficult for students to get a good night’s rest.… Keep Reading

An afternoon at The Word: The history behind the Milton-Parc gem

Over the course of their time at McGill, a large portion of students become familiar with The Word—a quaint bookstore located on Rue Milton. Even during its busiest hours, there is a special sense of serenity that emanates throughout the shop. A calm, coordinated silence embraces the room, and a warm light illuminates its dynamic… Keep Reading

SSMU Council passes motion to oppose Bill 62

On Jan. 12 the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Legislative Council voted to pass the Motion Regarding SSMU Opposition to Quebec Bill 62 and the Motion Regarding Interim Provision for Board of Directors Reporting. Furthermore, faculty committees and SSMU executives gave reports outlining key updates and plans for new projects.   Motion Regarding SSMU… Keep Reading

Montreal Improv’s “Dreamtime” brings your wildest dreams to the stage

There is something dreamlike about improvisational theatre. Dreams and improv both instill a feeling of surreal unpredictability, an atmosphere of colourful chaos, and a sense of blurry boundlessness. They keep you on your toes and pull you into a distinctly unique experience while breaking down the walls between reality and imagination. Dreamtime, which was organized and… Keep Reading

Montreal pit bulls victims of impulsive decision-making

Last week, the Montreal City council passed a bylaw that will prevent the city’s residents from adopting any new pit bulls and introduce a set of rules governing existing pit bull owners. This decision has garnered much attention, mainly in the form of outrage and criticism: Montreal residents have set up petitions imploring the city… Keep Reading

Under your skin

A registered organ donor can save up to eight lives and drastically improve the lives of over 75 people. This statistic—while impressive—does not tell the entire story. It does not reveal the number of hours that a kidney recipient would be able to spend at home with their family instead of on a hospital bed.… Keep Reading

How to make the most of Activities Night

Whether you are a first-year looking to find your place in the McGill community or a fourth-year student hoping to become more involved on campus and pad your resume before graduation, Activities Night is a great place to start your search for the perfect extracurricular. With this year’s Activities Night expanded to three days, students… Keep Reading

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