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When users perish, their social media accounts live on

Two weeks ago, I received a rather typical notification from Facebook. “One of your friends has a birthday this week,” prompted the note. “Wish her a happy birthday.” To a vast number Facebook users, this notification is oftentimes annoying, yet surely innocent in its intentions. But one thing Facebook failed to take into account was… Keep Reading

Out on the Town: Experience the art of tea infusion

The seductive scent of jasmine flowers steeped into liquid perfection has enchanted artists, scholars, and travellers for centuries. In East Asia, the art of tea roots itself so deeply into tradition that the simple enjoyment of the drink is incomplete without ritual. Through centuries of cultivation, the custom associated with serving tea refined with it generations of tea houses, some… Keep Reading

The silly, sordid story of salt

After spending the winter holidays in Toronto with a Christmas ice-storm generously donated by Jack Frost himself, I felt meteorologically prepared to start the semester at McGill; I was wrong. When I heard the sound of rain the morning of January 6, I uttered two words: Vatican cameos; watch out! What used to be a… Keep Reading

The fabric of Montreal

Fashion is often seen as both a desired reality but also a delusion of grandeur. Beautiful and awe-inspiring, it has a way of persuading and tempting us with its elegance and irresistable allure. Like a skillful couturier, the industry weaves commerce with philanthropy and constructs the diverse and welcoming fabric of a community. Available for us to tailor… Keep Reading

Beauty in simplicity

Somedays, clothes become frustrating. A brief look in the mirror and negotiations with the garments begin. Suddenly, dressing oneself quickly turns into a 3-D jigsaw puzzle of colours, textures, and shapes. In the end, we often just want something simple and pleasant. On the corner of Ave. Laurier and l’Esplanade, boutique François Beauregard embodies this… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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