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Redmen football overtaken by Stingers 33-26

On Sept. 15, the McGill Redmen (1-2) faced the Concordia Stingers (2-1) for the 50th annual Shaughnessy Cup. The Redmen gave their crosstown rivals a run for their money, but ultimately lost 33-26. The first half saw limited offence from both sides. McGill struggled to move the ball across the field, sustaining only two drives… Keep Reading

From the Viewpoint: The resilient whimsy of stop motion animation

This spring, to the beat of drums and the barks of strays, Wes Anderson released his second animated film, Isle of Dogs, nine years after his first, Fantastic Mr. Fox. Both are personal favourites of mine, and  both use the century-old technique of stop motion animation. Though I enjoyed both films immensely, I knew nothing of the laborious technique behind their distinct aesthetic, so The McGill Tribune sent me to the community focused Festival Stop Motion Montreal. Keep Reading

The $999 textbook: On the cost of a digital education

A $999 (USD) textbook book may sound like a joke, or a facetious comment one might overhear in Le James about the exorbitant cost of books, but this semester, students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette faced this very price for an e-textbook on introductory accounting. For reference, a hard copy costs $250. Naturally,… Keep Reading

Number of harassment complaints double in 2017-18

McGill announced that Sinead Hunt has been appointed to the position of Senior Equity and Inclusion Advisor (SEIA) in an email to the student body on Sept. 9. The SEIA acts as a first contact for students attempting to report instances of harassment or discrimination on campus. The number of complaints increased in recent years;… Keep Reading

Montreal: La belle ville de movie dorks

“We were shown, as in some strange phantasmagoria, scenes from different places in France. First there was the arrival of a train at the Lyon-Perrache station […] you could clearly see each individual. It was most lifelike: you really were at the station. The train left and everything disappeared […] And the sea? We saw… Keep Reading

Forum on future renaming draws debate

A diverse group including McGill alumni, professors, varsity athletes, and campus groups representing racialized students met on Sept. 12 in New Chancellor Day Hall to give feedback on a draft report suggesting principles for future commemoration and renaming initiatives on campus. The report was published by the Working Group on Principles of Commemoration and Renaming.… Keep Reading

Phishers target McGill students for account information

With school starting and registration emails at their peak, it is the most convenient time for phishers to scam unsuspecting members of the McGill community. Emails were sent from familiar sources with text reading “Cannot show this message” and a green box directing the user to an error page and subsequent account errors, have been… Keep Reading

Curiosity Delivers.
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